Donations Needed for Travel Fund Silent Auction

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all those across our great land who would generously put forward items for a silent auction in support of the travel funds for our great Kingdom and Barony. The silent auction will be held during Coronation on Saturday, November 9th.

All those who would donate, please contact me via email at or by phone at (253) 271-9634‬ so that your item(s) may be added to the auction. Please let me know by Friday, November 8th at 12pm MT.

The Barony and the Kingdom thank you for your generous support!

Lady Caitriona Suthirlande

Coronation Merchants

Good afternoon! If you are interested in merchanting at Coronation, please email or sent a message on Facebook to Jessa Honaker or the Barony page for the form.

This form must be completed and returned in order to save your space. Fees can be paid on site or with a check to the Barony with your feast reservation! It is only $15 to merchant

Citadel Baronial Champions — Siege of the City

Baronial Champions

This year we’re doing things a little bit differently as we host our Champions event at Siege of the City as part of an effort to work more closely with our brothers and sisters around our neck of the woods. Nahrun has been gracious enough to allow us to hold these events there and I couldn’t be more pleased with the connections we’ve built between our groups. Each of the different Champions will have their events spread throughout the event and we’re looking to align them to several themes and values according to what it means to be a member of Citadel.

A Champions’ Values

In our society, Chivalry, Honor, and Courtly Behavior are elements of Courtesy we seek to further and place above all else. A Champion should be a scion of talent and these values that reflect the best aspects of our populace. No matter which Champion we examine, they should all reflect the very best of our Barony. Champions of Citadel must be able to demonstrate Courtesy, Courtly Etiquette, Chivalry, and act as a friend to the populace at all times. At the center of this push for recognizing our Champions for Citadel, the rules of the competitions will be driven by these concepts. Each competition will grant an edge to the competitor who demonstrates possession of their own livery (a banner, token, or some item displaying their Arms or the Arms of the Barony and/or Kingdom) and the support of a consort (again, can be a favor or token from their consort). Understanding the importance of livery and consorts are an aspect of our society that bears celebrating. Both of these elements are present at our Crown Tournament and should be included in all sports and competitions that draw out the very best in us as members of the populace of the Outlands.

The Events

Heavy and Light Combat

Heavy will be fought with weapon styles set per round with a choice of weapon selected through drawn lots to determine who will decide which weapon style. Each fighter will be expected to present themselves to the Baron along with a display of their livery and consort. Fighters who demonstrate possession of livery and present their consort before the Baron can earn up to two extra “lives” in the tournament.

The tournament will be fought round by round with a weapon style announced promptly before that round begins. Fighters will be given two “lives” and can earn up to two extra “lives.” The tournament will continue until there is a decided winner. The final bout of combat will be at the discretion of the Baron.

Archery and Youth Archer

The Champion will be decided at Coronation in November due to the restrictions at the site regarding Archery. Further details will be provided to the Populace at a later date.

Arts and Sciences / Youth Arts and Sciences

For A&S, please refer to the follow document prepared by our current reigning A&S and Youth A&S Champions:


The Bardic Championship will be held Saturday evening as we all gather together to celebrate the deeds of the day. Baronial Bardic Champion should be ready to share their talents in prepared pieces, but also offer up glorious stories of feats and accomplishments of the day to recognize the good deeds of the populace. This will consist of a prepared performance piece and then a round of stories from earlier that day to demonstrate that the Champion is able to observe and then share the glory of populace achievements.

Championship Disclaimer

As with all things grand and well meaning, these rules are subject to change at the whim of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, or His Excellency of Citadel.

Captain of Archery

Good evening Citadel! please join me in welcoming your new Captain of Archery! HE Tariq has graciously accepted the position and will bring with him his passion and experience.

Outlands Fall Coronation

Hosted by Citadel of the Southern Pass

Saturday, November 09, 2019 – Sunday, November 10, 2019

Saturday OPENS: 09:00 AM CLOSES: 10:00 PM

Sunday OPENS: 09:00 AM CLOSES 3:00 PM

Saturday – Bethel Family Ministries 6301 Alabama St, El Paso, TX 79904

Sunday – Memorial Park, 1701 N Copia St, El Paso, TX 79930

Event Steward: Caledonius and Julia  (

Site Fee: Adult Event Registration $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration $15, Youth (10-17) $5, Child (Under 10) Free, Family Cap is $50

Feast Fee: $10

Both Sites Dry on Each Day

Join us in the Citadel of the Southern Pass for the coronation of the future King and Queen of the mighty Kingdom of the Outlands. Saturday will consist of Courts, Circles, a Largesse Contest, Classes and Youth Activities as well as Martial Tournaments. Sunday will consist of additional Circles, Martial Tournaments and pick up fights for both light and heavy located at Memorial Park down the street from Saturday’s event site. We are looking for those interested in hosting classes on Saturday as we have two slots open with plenty of classrooms available to accommodate those who wish to share their knowledge.

Please forward any allergies or accessibility concerns to the Event Steward as early as possible to facilitate planning and considerations.

Bathrooms will be available within the site location on Saturday and at Port-o-Potties or indoor facilities at the nearby Library on Sunday.


  • Get on I-25 S, follow to I-10 E.  Take TX-375/Woodrow Bean/Transmountain (weather permitting).  Exit to US-54 W and take exit 26. Take Hercules Ave and turn left on Alabama St. 
  • From Bethel to Memorial Park
  • Take a right out of the church onto Alabama, turn left onto Richmond Ave.  Turn right on Piedras St and then left onto Grant. Memorial Park is at 1701 N Copia.  

Silk Banner Class

Citadel! Join us August 30 at 7pm at the Baronial home for a silk banner class! $12 donation asked to cover the cost of the supplies, but you take home a square banner and the kit to make more! Again, this is a take home activity, so you will get a whole kit! The barony now has a full set of dyes for you to use at the class as well. Bring your 12in by 12in design on paper

Baronial Website Gets New Features

The badge of the Webminister

The Baronial website has seen some new additions to its list of features including a new Portal system that will help users navigate towards helpful sections based around activities in the Barony.

Activity Portals

In the upper menu you’ll now notice that the Events and Activities Tab has been broken up into Events and a separate tab for Activity Portals. These portals are designed to help combine forms and other features into their logical activity groups. Now we have A&S, Martial Activities, Newcomers, and Heraldry sections that will provide services based on those categories. The next addition will be an Event Stewards portal that will contain features and resources specifically centered around running events in the Barony.

Portals Don’t Replace People

The intent of the Portals is to allow officers to direct individuals towards resources, information, and articles that may be relevant to their offices, but it does not replace the need for these officers. Each of submission forms are to help ease administrative overhead and lessen the need for paper copies, but the officers still have requirements to fulfill in order to make the entire process work. We are focusing our process to make it easier, but that still requires a person behind the screen to make it work.

How Does it Help Us?

Now officers can point individuals to the website for their activity through which several forms are now available. Heralds can direct users to submit their name and device submissions through their activity portal. Populace members will soon be able to see where in the process their device is at any given time. The Marshals can direct users to the portal to see practice times, locations, and a small gallery of images. The A&S Minister can direct individuals to submit A&S class requests and images of projects they’ve been working on.

Newcomers can register for our newlsetter and receive a short welcome/intro email explaining how to get involved. The portal for Newcomers also includes a short video and some short descriptions of activities that are common in our Barony.

Arts and Science Night 8/9

Good Evening friends, Here I am to Announce that in 2 weeks time, we will be having another A&S Class where all you have to do is show up, and you leave with……………..

YES!!! Tired of walking around holding your phone and your wallet? Or maybe putting them into your bag, or basket and not being able to find them at the opportune moment? ( that moment that would be the perfect picture?) Or maybe your outfit is not up to you expectation? Well say no more!!! Cause on Friday August 9th, we will having a citadel A&S Night at HE Bernardo’s Royal Estate from 6 pm till 10 pm!

here are a few example of this simple looking style of pouch in some art that i have found

This guy has a Bollock dagger in the space between the belt straps, and the back of the pouch.

This guy is cool, he has all sorts of cool things hanging from his belt.
HEEEEYYYY!!! This guy seems to be holding some Rattan…. I feel bad for who ever he is going to fight.

Also if you do not feel like making the belt pouch that we are going to be doing, that’s OK, you are still more than welcome, and encouraged to come out and chill, drink a pint, fight a griffon or a dragon, work on your own craft (preferably this option, we don’t need anything happening to HE’s humble abode).

Arts and Science Knight 7/26

Good Evening Citizens of the Citadel! Here is attempt number two at posting our A&S Class for Friday Night, the 26th of July! We have had a busy month, with a strong citadel presence at the fields of Battlemore, and its time to end the month with a nice Craft! In long term preparation for the next war, HE al’ Hassan Tariq has offered to host a small presentation and class on how to build the wonderful take down benches he made.

it is a fairly easy to aquire the wood, all you have to do is go to Home Depot, or Lowes and purchase a 1″x12″ approximately 10 feet long. HE has the tools to help you and instruct you to cut it into the requisite pieces in a single evening! I hope to see some of you there!!!

Baronial Calendar Migration

We have migrated our official Baronial Calendar over to the new Google for Non-Profits accounts as of today. The reason for this change was numerous, not the least of which was to ensure that no official business is being conducted over personal accounts. This effort is being undertaken in an age of data and privacy breaches in order to better protect your information and to ensure a larger degree of professionalism as part of your Officer corps for the Barony. As we grow, we want to ensure our process is as flexible and responsive for 10 people as it is for 1000. Having standardized, official accounts for email and our calendar help us achieve that.

You will always be able to find our official calendar by going to the Events and Activities menu up top on the website. You can also visit the calendar itself directly at

The calendar page has a link to an article that will teach you how to add the calendar to your phone/mobile device.