Baronial Letter for February 2020


January was a great month with 12th Night going very well and a series of War Practices all meant for preparing for Estrella War and other wars ahead. We have made great progress in several areas around the Barony to include greater exposure in the local community. As part of that we have had several requests for demos across the area. Coupling that with our new Deputy Chatelaine stepping up means we are ready to hit 2020 running and see growth in the Barony.

The big event on everyone’s mind is Estrella War taking place in Queen Creek, AZ starting on the 18th of February. Visit for more information. After Estrella, we have the Outlands Spring Crown Tournament and Gulf Wars in mid-March.

There are several demos coming up, so stay tuned on our Baronial Calendar for opportunities to show off the SCA and include others in what we do. As a reminder, we are always looking for more chances to demonstrate all the aspects of the SCA, so please contact the Seneschal, Baron, or Chatelaine with ideas or actual requests for demos.

2019 was all about getting our administrative policies and systems in place including a revamp of the way we handle Heraldry submissions, event requests, and overall communication. In 2020 we have been focusing on marketing the group and increasing awareness with a goal of recruiting new members. So far we are making great progress and the demo requests have been pouring in at a pretty good rate. More information about our Friday Night Fights events will be coming out soon with that effort being a focus of ours following Estrella War.

As always, if you need anything in the Barony please reach out to any officers, contact the Facebook Page or use the Contact Us form on the website.

Yours in Service,

HE Bernardo dei Medici

Baronial Letter for January 2020

New Year! New Barony?

We’ve done some pretty cool things on top of the great events you’ve all put on this past year including automation of some of the more menial officer tasks, shored up our heraldry submission process, and put some of the good ideas into writing with our new Baronial Financial Policy and local Baronial Administrative Policy. We’re through Phases I and II that I’ve discussed in the past, so now it’s time to focus on growth and having fun! Thanks to all the hard work in 2019 our New Years Resolution doesn’t have to be about slimming down or getting in shape; we’ve already done that.

Over the coming year in 2020 we’ll be focusing on some legit demos including Friday Night Fights and creating an ongoing narrative for folks to participate in and follow along as we share the Citadel culture and what it means to be part of Citadel with the local community. Our new press contacts and partnerships will start to grow bringing additional coverage to our shenanigans.

Closed Out ’19 with St Stephens and Media Day

December was an amazing month with St Stephens and Media Day taking place on the 28th. KFOX and CBS provided coverage of our event and we were featured on both channels during the nightly news segment. We even got commitments from them to cover War Practice on the 19th of January. It was the perfect day to say ‘thank you’ to the Populace for the past year and I’m eternally grateful for all that you do to make this Barony better.

Earlier in December we attended al-Barran’s Midwinter which was a ton of fun and a recharging event full of good food and great company. It definitely recharged my batteries and as always our cousins in the Barony took great care of us from Citadel. Thank you to all who attended this wonderful event alongside me. We had a solid showing from the Citadel of the Southern Pass.

January Promises to Be No Less Exciting

We have some great things coming up in January that I’m looking forward to quite a bit. We’ll have Twelfth Night and War Practice as well as some sweet A&S Events.

  • 18 January – Twelfth Night – Masquerade Ball (so break out your masks!)
  • 19 January – War Practice at Memorial Park
  • 25 January – Privacy Wall Making – for our camp at Estrella (WAAARRRR!!!)

Fighter Practice is of course every Sunday at Album Park, except for when we have War Practice on the 19th. Wednesday Practices at Veterans Park will resume this month after the Holiday break. Stay tuned on our Facebook Group for more details and up to date info.

Officer Changes in January

I want to thank our outgoing officers, Johan and Monique for their contributions and welcome Caitriona and Ásdís as the new Rook and Deputy Chatelaine respectively. We’re very grateful to the past, current, and future efforts from all of our officers. Johan will be continuing as the Court Herald, so don’t worry, he’s not straying from the public service life.

I’m looking forward to what we have coming up in 2020. Of course we have Estrella in February, but we’re already working on St Edrik, and even next year’s Twelfth Night. If you’re interested in serving as Event Steward, please contact the Seneschal and let her know you would like to head up one of our events.

Citadel Twelfth Night Masquerade

Barony of the Citadel of the Southern pass

Twelfth Night will be an extravagant affair to welcome the new year! This event will honor Citadel’s Baron Bernardo di Medici with tournaments, feast, and a grand masquerade ball. The tournaments will include all Martial styles (including archery), and competitions for Best Ball garb, Best Mask, and Best table decoration. There will be a feast following evening court as well as the Masquerade Ball with dancing and singing.

Bethel Temple Assembly of God 6301 Alabama St, El Paso, Texas, 79904

Site Opens: Saturday January 18,2020 9:00am

Site Closes: Saturday January 18, 2020 10:00pm

Site Fees: Adult Event Registration (16+) $20.00

Adult Member Discount Event Registration (16+) $15.00

Youth (6-15) $5.00

Child (under 5) Free

Feast (pre-registration required): Adult $10.00

Make checks payable to “SCA Inc.-Barony of Citadel of the Southern Pass”

Site restrictions:This is a discreetly wet site. Pets must be restrained or on a leash at all times.

Directions: From I-10 E get off on Exit 6 (LP 375 Trans Mt Rd). At stop light turn onto Trans Mt Rd. Follow Trans Mt Rd to exit 21 (Kenworthy St, US 54). Follow ramp to the right and stay right. Turn right on US 54 and move to the left for the on ramp. Get on US 54 and follow until exit 24A (Fred Wilson Ave). Get on Fred Wilson ramp and at bottom of the rsmp turn right on Fred Wilson. Follow Fred Wilson for approximately 9/10 mile to Alabama St. Turn right on Alabama St. and go approx 6/10 mile to Hueco Vista Way. Turn Left and follow it in to the site on the right.

Event Autocrat: (T) (e) Julia Alexandria, email

Photo by: Lacroix’s idea of an 18th century masquerade ball 12/5/2019

Baronial Letter for December 2019

Thank you for checking out the Baronial Letter for this month. I’m very excited about what we’ve been doing and what we have coming up in the Barony. Thank you all for your hard work and contributions towards making us successful as a family and a team.

We have completely reworked the loaner gear and have brand new equipment where we’ve ensured the safety of future newcomers checking out Heavy Combat. We hosted Coronation, which was very well done, attended, and lauded as a great success. Coming up there are a lot of events around the Kingdom, but I’ll be focusing on al-Barran Midwinter in December and Caerthe Twelfth Night in January. If you’d like to join me, please let me know!

The A&S Council met and put out a few events on Facebook and the official Calendar to help us prepare for Citadel Twelfth Night and Estrella War. Thanks to Lord Albrecht for honchoing the A&S schedule as our A&S Minister. We’ve had some really beneficial workshops and there’s many more to come!

What We’ve Done – Fall Coronation

Fall Coronation was absolutely wonderful. The food was amazing and the event was well run with many comments about how Citadel is doing great things. I want to thank the entire staff and Event Steward, Domina Julia who worked very hard to put on such a great event. War Practice was also a huge success and we learned a lot from our Brothers and Sisters in the North. It was a great opportunity to fight together as a Southern unit and we’ve already begun addressing some of the feedback items we gathered.

Their Royal Majesties, King Bela and Queen Nerissa had many fine words for the populace, not the least of which was to remind all of us to submit Award Recommendations. In order to do so for the Kingdom, please log in using this link. Once you’re logged in, head on over to the Awards Recommendation page and submit your recommendations. They have asked to give them and their scribes at least 30 days of notice before an event at which Their Royal Majesties will be in attendance.

What We’re Doing – al-Barran Midwinter and St Stephens

There are two events coming up in December that are on my own radar including al-Barran’s Midwinter on the 14th with War Practice on the 15th. There is a group heading up, so if you want to attend and need a ride, please ask around. St Stephens, which is our local celebration and a thank you for all of the hard work is currently, tentatively scheduled for the 28th with the location being nailed down shortly. It is a light and fun revel focused around celebrating the populace and past Coronets of the Citadel, so it is being completely put together by me as a ‘thank you’ to you all. Details will be forthcoming as a lot hinges on the site getting back to me to lock in the location/date. You won’t have to bring anything but you and your garb. No fee will be charged for the event.

What We’re Planning – Twelfth Night and Estrella

Twelfth Night for Citadel is coming up on the 18th of January with War Practice on the 19th. Estrella War will be 14 to 18 February in Atenveldt (Arizona). There are quite a few folks indicating they will be attending War this year, so please join us.

Twelfth Night is being billed as a Masquerade Ball where there will be dancing and a buffet style feast. This is sure to be a fun event, so please consider attending and reveling with the populace.

A&S has been geared towards getting us ready for Estrella War, so if you follow the workshops, you will be more prepared for this and future camping events.

Long Range Planning – The Future

Along with the few things we have coming up in the near future, we have been planning the long range, or more distant future. In the immediate future, we have the Media Day coming up, which is currently, tentatively schedule for St Stephens. During the day we will conduct our press conference and demonstrations for the media and then at night we will revel! We will also have a follow up media opportunity at Twelfth Night during War Practice to get content and interviews out into the community.

Once we have the Media Day and the follow up completed we will work towards our Friday Night Fights events as a sort of Fighter League to help continue our exposure in the community. This way all of our demos will also come with media coverage to help extend our exposure as much as possible.

Rather than invent our own marketing department, we are looking to cooperate and work with local media outlets to push our message out to the community.

Donations Needed for Travel Fund Silent Auction

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all those across our great land who would generously put forward items for a silent auction in support of the travel funds for our great Kingdom and Barony. The silent auction will be held during Coronation on Saturday, November 9th.

All those who would donate, please contact me via email at or by phone at (253) 271-9634‬ so that your item(s) may be added to the auction. Please let me know by Friday, November 8th at 12pm MT.

The Barony and the Kingdom thank you for your generous support!

Lady Caitriona Suthirlande

Coronation Merchants

Good afternoon! If you are interested in merchanting at Coronation, please email or sent a message on Facebook to Jessa Honaker or the Barony page for the form.

This form must be completed and returned in order to save your space. Fees can be paid on site or with a check to the Barony with your feast reservation! It is only $15 to merchant

Citadel Baronial Champions — Siege of the City

Baronial Champions

This year we’re doing things a little bit differently as we host our Champions event at Siege of the City as part of an effort to work more closely with our brothers and sisters around our neck of the woods. Nahrun has been gracious enough to allow us to hold these events there and I couldn’t be more pleased with the connections we’ve built between our groups. Each of the different Champions will have their events spread throughout the event and we’re looking to align them to several themes and values according to what it means to be a member of Citadel.

A Champions’ Values

In our society, Chivalry, Honor, and Courtly Behavior are elements of Courtesy we seek to further and place above all else. A Champion should be a scion of talent and these values that reflect the best aspects of our populace. No matter which Champion we examine, they should all reflect the very best of our Barony. Champions of Citadel must be able to demonstrate Courtesy, Courtly Etiquette, Chivalry, and act as a friend to the populace at all times. At the center of this push for recognizing our Champions for Citadel, the rules of the competitions will be driven by these concepts. Each competition will grant an edge to the competitor who demonstrates possession of their own livery (a banner, token, or some item displaying their Arms or the Arms of the Barony and/or Kingdom) and the support of a consort (again, can be a favor or token from their consort). Understanding the importance of livery and consorts are an aspect of our society that bears celebrating. Both of these elements are present at our Crown Tournament and should be included in all sports and competitions that draw out the very best in us as members of the populace of the Outlands.

The Events

Heavy and Light Combat

Heavy will be fought with weapon styles set per round with a choice of weapon selected through drawn lots to determine who will decide which weapon style. Each fighter will be expected to present themselves to the Baron along with a display of their livery and consort. Fighters who demonstrate possession of livery and present their consort before the Baron can earn up to two extra “lives” in the tournament.

The tournament will be fought round by round with a weapon style announced promptly before that round begins. Fighters will be given two “lives” and can earn up to two extra “lives.” The tournament will continue until there is a decided winner. The final bout of combat will be at the discretion of the Baron.

Archery and Youth Archer

The Champion will be decided at Coronation in November due to the restrictions at the site regarding Archery. Further details will be provided to the Populace at a later date.

Arts and Sciences / Youth Arts and Sciences

For A&S, please refer to the follow document prepared by our current reigning A&S and Youth A&S Champions:


The Bardic Championship will be held Saturday evening as we all gather together to celebrate the deeds of the day. Baronial Bardic Champion should be ready to share their talents in prepared pieces, but also offer up glorious stories of feats and accomplishments of the day to recognize the good deeds of the populace. This will consist of a prepared performance piece and then a round of stories from earlier that day to demonstrate that the Champion is able to observe and then share the glory of populace achievements.

Championship Disclaimer

As with all things grand and well meaning, these rules are subject to change at the whim of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, or His Excellency of Citadel.

Captain of Archery

Good evening Citadel! please join me in welcoming your new Captain of Archery! HE Tariq has graciously accepted the position and will bring with him his passion and experience.

Outlands Fall Coronation

Hosted by Citadel of the Southern Pass

Saturday, November 09, 2019 – Sunday, November 10, 2019

Saturday OPENS: 09:00 AM CLOSES: 10:00 PM

Sunday OPENS: 09:00 AM CLOSES 3:00 PM

Saturday – Bethel Family Ministries 6301 Alabama St, El Paso, TX 79904

Sunday – Memorial Park, 1701 N Copia St, El Paso, TX 79930

Event Steward: Caledonius and Julia  (

Site Fee: Adult Event Registration $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration $15, Youth (10-17) $5, Child (Under 10) Free, Family Cap is $50

Feast Fee: $10

Both Sites Dry on Each Day

Join us in the Citadel of the Southern Pass for the coronation of the future King and Queen of the mighty Kingdom of the Outlands. Saturday will consist of Courts, Circles, a Largesse Contest, Classes and Youth Activities as well as Martial Tournaments. Sunday will consist of additional Circles, Martial Tournaments and pick up fights for both light and heavy located at Memorial Park down the street from Saturday’s event site. We are looking for those interested in hosting classes on Saturday as we have two slots open with plenty of classrooms available to accommodate those who wish to share their knowledge.

Please forward any allergies or accessibility concerns to the Event Steward as early as possible to facilitate planning and considerations.

Bathrooms will be available within the site location on Saturday and at Port-o-Potties or indoor facilities at the nearby Library on Sunday.


  • Get on I-25 S, follow to I-10 E.  Take TX-375/Woodrow Bean/Transmountain (weather permitting).  Exit to US-54 W and take exit 26. Take Hercules Ave and turn left on Alabama St. 
  • From Bethel to Memorial Park
  • Take a right out of the church onto Alabama, turn left onto Richmond Ave.  Turn right on Piedras St and then left onto Grant. Memorial Park is at 1701 N Copia.  

Silk Banner Class

Citadel! Join us August 30 at 7pm at the Baronial home for a silk banner class! $12 donation asked to cover the cost of the supplies, but you take home a square banner and the kit to make more! Again, this is a take home activity, so you will get a whole kit! The barony now has a full set of dyes for you to use at the class as well. Bring your 12in by 12in design on paper