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Seekers of the Grail

The Seekers of the Grail
This unofficial award, still in use but not as commonly bestowed as in previous years, recognizes newcomers to our Barony (especially those brand new to the Society) who have thrown themselves with great enthusiasm into our activities. These people have helped at events, clothed themselves in a medieval fashion, and / or recruited more newcomers, all while learning a confusing assortment of names and customs, and absorbing the cultural ambience of the Society. Many of the recipients of this accolade have gone on to become officers and leading members of the Barony’s populace. Strange but true, this award has no actual constitution or charter other than what is written here.
History of the Order:

It was first given by our Founding Baron and Baroness, Jochen and Monika, sometime after the Citadels’ elevation from Shire status. The Seekers of the Grail or (SoG) “Soggy”, as it is sometimes nicknamed, is descended in spirit from the Shire of the Citadel’s Seneschal’s Service Award, and thus its token is a braid of blue and gold cording, capped at the ends. The name refers to the cup (“grail”) found in the Barony’s Arms. This award carries no precedence.

The Premier of the Order was Conrade du Montgomerie and his induction took place sometime in the veiled mists of 1987. The next inductee was Lady Nicole de St. Clair and there is a good possibility that the two of them got the award the same day.

In all the records available to the Historian, only months and years are given for presentation dates for this award. This being the case, the breakdown of when individuals were bestowed this honor according to Baronial reigns is a bit dicey for some recipients and therefore this membership list will not be broken down into Baronial reigns.

Also of historical note concerning this Order is the fact that at no time was any recipient ever ranked an armiger or higher when they received this award.

Listed below is the Roster of the Membership of the Seekers of the Grail, established during the reign of Baron Jochen and Baroness Monika. To date, this brings the total number of members of the Order to 60.

Conrade du Montgomerie ?/87

Nicole de St. Clair ?/87

Bjorn 1/88

Roland of Normandy 3/88

Rosemary of the Woods 3/88

Noirin O’Donnabhain 3/88

Tristan de Beaumaris 8/88

Brianna 1/89

Maximillian von Strausburg 1/89

Aurelia d’Ouessant ?/89

Clarice d’Ouessant ?/89

Aisne 7/91

Cedric of Ravingham 7/91

Katherine von Nanstein 7/91

Rhonwen Gwynedd 7/91

Honoria the Palmer 3/93

Gwenyth 3/93

Lothar 3/93

Sebastian 4/93

Ainvar the Far Traveled 1/94

Ivar the Bonecrusher 1/94

James Eldon of York 8/94

Johanna of Mercia 8/94

William 8/94

Murdoch Drummond 10/94

Walther 12/96

Jacquetta of Oxfordshire 12/96

Dietrich Karl von Andernach 12/96

Anastasiia Tsaganova 12/96

Alienor of Southwark 12/96

Enoga of Black Forest12/96

Robert Corwin of Dunba 2/97

Thomas Myers 2/97

Cedric 2/97

Eric 6/97

Essyllt of Morigan 7/97

Kevin the Fletcher (of White Mountain) 8/97

Tony Warminson 12/97

Shireen 12/97

Bull 12/97

Veronica 12/97

Ursula Ute Grutner 12/97

Roger de Gilbert 6/98

Alexandra Ivanova 8/98

Sarah Archer of Salisbury 1/99

Rose 5/99

Shabbanah 5/00

Catarina d’Venetia 1/01

Constance Warrick of Winandermere 1/01

Leaf 6/01

Astrid 9/01

Nicholaus von Stahlburg 4/02

Wolf von der Muhle-Eckart 4/02

Elysabethe Catesby 4/02

Giovanni di Lucca 2/03

Grace 2/03

Isabeau 3/06

Laurant 3/06

Sorcha 5/06

Carlos Nieto de Andrade 12/07

Geillis inghean Phoil ui Shiridein 03/08

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