History and Awards

What follows is a bit of history of the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass. For more information, contact our Historian, Vicomte Berold de Gilbert.

The Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass was founded on October 1st, A.S. XVII, being 1983 in the Vulgar. We are the fourth oldest Barony in the Kingdom of the Outlands, but we were then part of the Principality of the Outlands, Kingdom of Atenveldt. King Christopher and Queen Constance invested Sir Jochen von Balduinseck and Mistress Monika von Zell as our Founding and first Baron and Baroness. Our current Baron and Baroness, Sir Conrade du Montgomerie and Mistress Leah de Montgomerie of Larks Hall are the sixth and tenth couple to sit the Baronial Thrones.

The Barony is the only part of the mundane State of Texas which is not part of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and encompasses all of the mundane counties of El Paso and Hudspeth.

The Citadel, during the reign of Artan II, was given the title of being ‘The Gateway to the Crown Lands of Argonia’, or Outlands territory being everything not claimed by any other kingdom of the Known World from the Mexican border south to Tierra del Fuego. This, in theory, makes the Citadel the largest land area in the Known World, unofficially.

Our Barony is home to the Premier Laurel of the Outlands, the Premier of the Queen’s Cypher of the Outlands and and the Premier of the Stag & Chalice.The first two members of the Nobility from the Citadel were also the last two Princes of the Principality of the Outlands.

It is the home of St. Edrick, Patron Saint of Squires and Children with Extremely Large Noses, and St. Eirianedd, Patroness of Those Who Die of the Plague.

Award Recommendation

Award Descriptions For descriptions of Barony level awards, please visit the Our Awards section (Opens in New Tab) for complete text regarding these accolades. For Kingdom level awards, please visit the Office of the Wimble Herald (Opens in New Tab) for more information about those awards. Submit Members of Citadel for Awards

Barons and Baronesses

Baron Jochen von Balduinseck (KSCA, OP) andCountess Monika von Zell (OP, OL)Baron and Baroness Citadel10/1/83 – 3/19/88 Baron Ruter Rotbart von Rottenburg (KSCA) andDuchess Morgana of Land’s End2nd Baron and Baroness of the Citadel3/19/88 – 4/3/91 Baron Gareth of Gryffon’s Nest (KSCA) andBaroness Signy von Velden (OP)3rd Baron and Baroness of the Citadel4/3/91 – 10/9/93 …

Our Awards

  The Order of the Arquites Australis [History] Arquites Australis is the Latin translation of “Bowmen of the South”. “There shall exist in the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass an award, known as the Order of the Arquites Australis, which may be given by the Coronet, subject to the pleasure of the …

History of St Edrik

Edrik Beroldsson was born to Vicomte Berold de Gilbert and the Lady Shala Shalimpour in the Levantine coastal city of Acre in the year of Our Lord 1169. His was a difficult birth on his blessed mother and she swore to her heathen god that she would bear no more children for the Vicomte. Seeing …

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