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Fellowship of St. Stephan

The Fellowship of St. Stephan
The Original Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan
The concept of the Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan goes back to the reign of Berold and Bahiyyah. During the Revel of St. Stephan, (traditionally on the 26th of December) a tradition that dates back to before the Citadel became a Barony, Baron Jochen and Baroness Monika would open their home to the populace in thanks for their work and support throughout the year. This tradition was carried on by Jochen and Monika’s successors in one way or another to the current Coronet.

Berold and Bahiyyah thought that it would be a grand gesture at the St. Stephan’s Revel and a way to honor past Coronets of the Citadel if the past Coronets were to sit at head table and be served by the reigning Coronets, in this case, Berold and Bahiyyah. As was the case, many of the Coronets were no longer living in the Barony or had left the Society during these Revels.

The greatest number of this Fellowship was honored with sitting head table at the Citadel’s 15th Anniversary in 1998.

Listed below is the Roster of the Members of the Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan, established during the reign of Baron Berold and Baroness Bahiyyah.

Baron Jochen and Baroness Monika; Founding Coronets of the Citadel

Baron Rutor and Baroness Morgana; Second Coronets of the Citadel

Baron Gareth and Baroness Signy; Third Coronets of the Citadel

Baron Ian and Baroness Charitee; Fourth Coronets of the Citadel

As is the way when the Coronet changes from one reign to the next some traditions, such as that of the Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan, are not continued. During the reign of the next Coronet of the Citadel, Conrade and Leah, the concept was changed to become a non – precedential Baronial Order.

Constitution for the Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan:

I. There shall exist in the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass an award, known as the Order of the Fellowship of St. Stephan which may be given by the Coronet, subject to the pleasure of the Crown, to those persons who have served the Barony for fifteen years or longer.

II. The holders of the award shall be styled as Companions of St. Stephan and shall be entitled to place the initials C.S.S. after their names.

III. There is no insignia for this Order.

IV. Arms and Precedence: This order carries neither arms nor precedence.

V. Amendments to this constitution shall be made by the Coronet after due consultation with the Crown.

By our hands this 12th day of January, A.S. XXXVII, being 2003 in the Common Era.

Conrade, Baron Leah, Baroness

Jaxarticus, King Kathryn, Queen

Tatiana, White Stag Principal Herald
History of the Order:

The Premier of the Order was Countess Monika von Zell and her induction took place on November 9th, 2002. Strange as it seems, she received admittance into the Order two months before the constitution was signed. It seems there was a clerical error and the constitution was to be signed during the previous Crown’s reign. This did not happen hence the Premier was made before the constitution was signed. Such is the way of Royal whim and Baronial decree.

“The companionship of all previous recipients of the Order is hereby confirmed.” This constitution does not include this line as there are no previous recipients.

During the first five Baronial Reigns, no Fellows were created since the Order was established in the reign of Conrade and Leah.

During the reign of Conrade and Leah, 2; Roger and Constance, 1; Giovanni and Muireann, 0. To date, this brings the total number of members of the Order to 3.

[Link] to the most current listing of the members of the order.

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