Baronial Letter for June 2023


What a glorious month of activities in the Barony. We had a great Populace day with grilling, Arts and Science project days, and a large number of the Barony traveled to Battlemoor. We camped as a Barony, cooked and ate together, and had fun together. The populace also donated their time to work long hours at gate and for that Her Excellency and I are incredibly proud and thankful. Hopefully everyone who traveled to Battlemoor 2023, AS LVIII has showered, slept in their own bed and possibly started on laundry. Her Excellency Joella and I would like to gather at this Sunday’s Baronial Day to talk about the event. A lessons learned talk if you will. What went well, what did not, how we can improve things and have more joy at events. The next camping event will be Clan Wars in August so I hope more of Team Citadel can travel together and camp together.

Tui humiles servi,

Carlos and Joella, Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass.

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