August Populace meeting announcements

Some notes from today’s Populace:

Thank you all for bringing food and your attendance, HE Joella is home sick and laments missing today.

-Our Crown Tournament/Citadel’s 40th Anniversary bid is still under review.

-Sept 7th A&S Bench class, bring tools if you have some. We have 6 slabs of wood, bring one if you want.

-Lady Ásdís talked to the populace for future class options; THL Edmund will be teaching a documentation class September 21st.

-Sayyid al-Faris offered to do heraldry consultations at future A&S project nights

-HE Joellea had expressed an interest to go throw axes as a group sometime soon. We will need to find a least bad night.

-Lady Hrefna is looking for a deputy exchequer to assist her and to be trained by her.

-Lady Mau expressed huge thanks to all that helped with her and m’Lord Arcadio’s wedding last week.

Upcoming travel

-Sep 29th-30 Cavern Ren Fair (can camp but period tents)

-Oct 20-22 Siege of the City

-Nov 4th Kingdom A&S Collegium (al-Barran) and Las Cruces Ren Faire

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