April 2022

We had a wonderful demo at Bel Air High School’s Big Red Comic Con.

Thank you to Lord Torbjen and his wife Diana, and their sons Clark and Bruce, Lord Cao Sheng, Lady Ásdís Alfriðardottir, and Joaquin for coming out and making this our first demo in…years.. be awesome. We had a large TV screen that ran SCA videos to show the visitors the larger events such as Crown Tournament and Pennsic. We also had a punching bag along with boffer weapons that allows visitors to try out the form and feel the fun that fighting is in the SCA.

We are still looking for applicants for: Treasurer, Arts & Sciences, and Chatelaine. If you are interested, please contact me at seneschal@southernpass.org

Yours in Service,

Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep

Announcements – looking for deputies

Greetings to all who read these letters. Know that I, Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep, am looking for a deputy to step in some time next year. Also, Duchess Morgana is looking for a deputy exchequer. Please contact us if you are interested. My contact information is seneschal@southernpass .org and Duchess Morgana’s is exchequer@southernpass.org.

March News

Greetings to all! Our officers’ meeting will be this Thursday online at 7:00 on the Google Meet account. All are welcome to listen in. Our populace meeting will be next Sunday at our regular location at Album Park. We would love to see everyone at the park. We will be finalizing plans for our April 2 demo at the Big Red ComicCon at Bel Air High School.
Officer News:
We are looking for an Arts & Sciences officer, a possible Chatelaine, and an exchequer deputy who is willing to take over this summer. Please contact Mistress Joella about any of these positions.

Arts & Sciences Interest Survey

Greetings Citadel,

The Arts and Sciences are a way for our members to immerse themselves in all that the Middle Ages and Renaissance has to offer. They also serve to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the cultures that came before us. We would like to better serve the needs and interest of our barony in this noble pursuit by cultivating a better understanding of what you would like to learn and do. Please take a moment to participate in our survey.


Yours in service,

Ásdís Alfriðardottir  (Amanda Park)

September Officers Meeting 16 Sept 2021

Officers Meeting TONIGHT, 16 September at 7PM.

All are invited to attend and participate. Lots of GREAT and EXCITING news for the Barony.
– Exploring a new indoor fighter practice location
– New opportunity to build a KEEP in Citadel
– Discussion on opening up Archery Practice

[Business Meeting] SignoriaThursday, September 16 · 7:00 – 9:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/gme-bfrd-mtm
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 302-503-0196‬ PIN: ‪521 737 528‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/gme-bfrd-mtm?pin=9375731703741

Populace Meeting

Greetings Good Gentles. Please join us for the first populace meeting of the year this Sunday August 22 at 10 am. We will be at Album Park near the tennis courts since our former site is once again under water.


Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep

Fighter Practice June 6

Greetings unto the populace of the Citadel of the Southern Pass and Nahrun Kabirun. I received word that TRM and the Kingdom Seneschal have approved us to reopen for fighter practice (only at this time). Any future events such as archery, mid-week fighter practice, A&S gatherings, etc. will need their own paperwork so please contact me to start that process.

All who attend MUST preregister no less than 24 hours ahead of time. I will close the registration at 10 am on Saturday. We are only allowing 50 people to attend including children. I will keep checking and if that number is exceeded with preregistration, I will close the form and contact those who registered after the 50 people cap. That is why I have asked for email addresses when you register. Each person will register on their own form–parents, you will have to complete the form for each child who is attending.

As you arrive at Album Park on Album street at our normal site, please check in with me. If you did not preregister, I will have to ask you to leave. We are not allowed to have splinter groups go off to the other side of the park to fight. If that happens, I will have to close all the practices at the park. I do not want to do this but that is what the BOD is requiring.

Please go to https://forms.gle/74M5ykm5mC9u82TJ6 to register for June 6th’s fighter practice.

In service to Crown, Kingdom, and Barony,

Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep

Reopening Update

Greetings to the members of the Citadel of the Southern Pass and Nahrun Kabirun. As you know, the BOD has declared groups may open June 1. However, there are steps that must take place first and requirements that must be met once events begin to happen. Please understand that as a loyal subject to Their Royal Majesties, it is my responsibility to explain and enforce their policies. Please continue to read to understand the requirements.

First, a petition to reopen must be submitted which I have done. This form, as of this time, must be submitted every month. We are currently waiting for approval from TRM and the Kingdom Seneschal. The petition I submitted was for Sunday fighter practices ONLY. Within the petition, I must include mundane data on infection rates, vaccination rates, etc. Since we are so close to Nahrun, I had to include their data (Las Cruces) as well as they are welcome to join us at fighter practice.

For every type of practice and gathering, a separate form must be submitted. That would include mid-week fighter practices, A&S gatherings, etc. If you wish to host any of these types of events, please contact me so that I can complete the form and submit it. It will take no less than a week for approval so please plan ahead. I cannot attend weekday events so the host will be required to check in those pre-registered and submit that form to me within three days. If this does not happen, that event will be cancelled until further notice.

What our fighter practices will look like. Pre-registration is a MUST and it must be completed at least 24 hours in advance. If we reach our cap of 5o people (to include fighters, observers, and children), then no one else may attend. If the cap is reached and more people show up, they may NOT move to the other side of the park to practice or gather. If that happens, I am required to shut down fighter practice for this date. Their Royal Majesties have commanded that this be done in accordance with the reopening plan, and I will enforce it. Refusal to follow the directives will lead to repercussions that one might not wish. The Crown will step in with said punishment.

When those who pre-registered arrive at fighter practice, they must check in with me or HE before moving onto joining the practice. Everyone MUST wear a mask, not a neck gaiter, not a bandana, but a mask. This is non-negotiable. I understand that masks will get sweaty and soaked within the helmet so please bring a spare or two. Masks around the helmet are not allowed. Masks will be worn by those on the sidelines as well. This is a decision from the BOD and although Texas has made clear its stance on masks, we are a private group and can set our own rules. Social distancing is also mandated.

Please bring your own water. We are not allowed to have a common water jug nor provide snacks, etc.

I know and understand how much everyone wants to gather once again. As long as these rules are followed, we can begin to rebuild our Known World and gather as comrades in arms and friends.

Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep
Baronial seneschal

Officer’s Meeting Thursday May 20 @7 pm

To join the video meeting, click this link: meet.google.com/imj-vryt-bmi

To join by phone instead, dial (US) +1 240-428-8730 and enter this PIN: 273 388 296#

More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/imj-vryt-bmi?pin=8732721953637

Populace Meeting Tomorrow 10 am

Good gentles, please make plans to attend tomorrow’s populace meeting. THL Christine Woyade, the Kingdom Seneschal, will be presenting some very important information to us regarding Kingdom policy before HE and I will share what we know about the slow reopening of the Kingdom (which is still fluid depending on the BOD) and what restrictions and rules will be in place and firmly implemented.

I look forward to seeing everyone.


Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep – Citadel Seneschal