April 2022

We had a wonderful demo at Bel Air High School’s Big Red Comic Con.

Thank you to Lord Torbjen and his wife Diana, and their sons Clark and Bruce, Lord Cao Sheng, Lady Ásdís Alfriðardottir, and Joaquin for coming out and making this our first demo in…years.. be awesome. We had a large TV screen that ran SCA videos to show the visitors the larger events such as Crown Tournament and Pennsic. We also had a punching bag along with boffer weapons that allows visitors to try out the form and feel the fun that fighting is in the SCA.

We are still looking for applicants for: Treasurer, Arts & Sciences, and Chatelaine. If you are interested, please contact me at seneschal@southernpass.org

Yours in Service,

Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep

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