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Game of Creative Anachronisms

All the Glory, None of the Spilled Guts Now that the Long Night is over from Game of Thrones and spoilers abound; armchair generals are spilling out onto the internet with all of their After Action Reports and “how terrible the battle plan was” while I’m just sitting over here polishing my helmet because I …

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Citadel Appoints New Baronial Knight Marshal

Greetings Mighty Citadel! Pray heed!  Citadel has a new Baronial Knight Marshal!  Dominus Servius Cassius Caledonius Ahenobarbus (mka Scott Honaker) submitted a letter of intent and was deemed acceptable by both Their Excellencies and the Kingdom Earl Marshal, Sir Lothar vom Bergenwald.  We look forward to working closely with Dominus Caledonius as we strive to …

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Citadel Seeks Baronial Knight Marshal

We must announce that our Baronial Knight Marshal, Lord Charles The Bear, has stepped down from his office in preparation for his departing the Barony.  We would like to take a moment to thank him for his service to the Citadel and to the Knight Marshalate.  He will be greatly missed. Dominus Caledonius, Deputy Knight …

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The Tournaments for Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII have been announced!

The Tournaments Armored Combat The Grand Tournament The Grand Tournament is the main tournament of the event.  This tournament will be fought as a weapon of choice in a best two out of three double elimination format.*  This tournament must be fought with all of the pomp and circumstance as possible and fighters will be …

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Becoming a Rapier Field Marshal

There are many ways one can enjoy fighting, and in my mind the most important role is that of field marshal. They are the ones ensuring combatants are being as safe as possible as well as those around the combatants. Did you know you do not have to be an authorized fighter to be a …

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Fencing tonight (August 1st)! 6:30pm at Military Gamer Supply

Don Julien will be covering counter-disengages (contracavazione) starting from the inside engagement. “THE INSIDE COUNTERDISENGAGE OF THE SWORD In this figure another way of parrying and wounding by way of counterdisengage is represented and shown to you, which one does in this way: having covered the sword of your enemy so that if he wants …

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Weekly Rapier Practice at Military Gamer’s Supply

Rapier combat in the SCA is an attempt to recreate later styles of swordfighting from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The style of swordplay is often based on surviving manuals and theories of combat from period.  Unlike the modern sport of fencing, SCA combat uses a wide variety of weapons and body protection and …

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Fighter News July 7

For those of you who aren’t enjoying battlemoor, fighter practice will be held at the normal time 10am at Eastwood park right off album street across from the church. Nahrun may have fighters present. Come out and support your Barony!