Citadel Appoints New Baronial Knight Marshal

Greetings Mighty Citadel!

Pray heed!  Citadel has a new Baronial Knight Marshal!  Dominus Servius Cassius Caledonius Ahenobarbus (mka Scott Honaker) submitted a letter of intent and was deemed acceptable by both Their Excellencies and the Kingdom Earl Marshal, Sir Lothar vom Bergenwald.  We look forward to working closely with Dominus Caledonius as we strive to improve our Baronial Armored Combat Program over the next few months, as he is both a skilled fighter and a capable Baronial Officer.

Be it known that Dominus Caledonius is currently seeking out a deputy knight marshal to aide him in his endeavors.  Interested parties need only contact him to discuss details.

Thank you, Dominus Caledonius, for your desire to serve the Citadel and its people!