St. Edrik’s Court Report

Herein lies the court report for The Feast of St. Edrik in the Citadel of the Southern Pass on October, 13th, 2018, A.S. 53.
The following awards were given by Their Excellencies Tariq and Elieth.
Lord Tachibana Hideaki is the newest Heavy Armored Champion & Bearer of the Baron’s Sword
Lady Dragoslava is the newest Rapier Champion and Baroness’ Protector
Lord James Erskine is the newest Archery Champion and Baron’s Hunter
Lady Rita die Perle von der Wetterau is the new Arts & Sciences Champion
Halima bint Tariq al-Ghassani is the newest Youth Arts & Sciences Champion
Agnes Pemberton is the newest Youth Champion of Archery
Lord Aradonn of FalconRose is the first Blue Tower Bard
A Flos Australis was given to Suzanna Jewell of Nahrun
An Arquites Australis was given to James Erskine of Citadel
A Defender of the Order of Thermopylae was given to Oleg Schwinghammer of Nahrun Kabirun.
A Calyx Honoris was given to Bernardo dei Medici of Citadel.
Lady Constance Pemberton was presented with her AoA.
Lord James Erskine was recognized for his advancement in the field of Archery
Many of the wonderful scrolls given out were the work of Domina Julia, and Lady Dragoslave
Many medallions were given out to those who had not received the medallions befitting previously earned awards, many of these medallions were expertly crafted by Master Walthari von Harx

Thus ends the court report for The Feast of St. Edrik.
Yours in Service, Herr Johan von Horne S.O.G.
Rook Pursuivant