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May Signoria

Good evening Citadel! We started the meeting at 7:06pm with populace remarks- Monica and Eloy are wanting to start merchanting and will need guidance. The Baron would like the future to be a time of growth and vision. This is a 5-10 year plan, not an immediate plan. There are things about his plan that …

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The Archer: May 4, 2019

Good afternoon archers! tomorrow is looking like a nice day for archery! We should be in the upper 80s with mild winds. There is some thunderstorms for the late afternoon, but we should be done and packed up before it comes through. May 11, is Populace Day. We will be setting up the range at …

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April 2019 Archery Report

Hello Citadel! Here is the report for April 2019 No injuries reported during this month Captain Emeritus: Jim Volker Archery Marshals: Raul Escalante, Scott Honaker, Aimee Fivet Mack Marshalls in Training: Mayala Gabriela, Merranda Papadopoulos Archer Count Total: 90 SCA: 20 Mundane Adults: 45 Mundane Children: 25 Kudos Jim for his support at the Kingdom …

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April Signoria

Good evening Citadel! We had a very productive meeting this month! Lots of change and lots of new information, so please bear with me and feel free to reach out if you need more information. The populace has requested the reinstatement of Citadel University for newcomers (and not so newcomers) to further medieval studies and …

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The Archer: April 27, 2019

Good evening Archers! I apologize for the late announcements, last night was the officers’ meeting and a very late work night for this lady. Weather is looking warm and pleasant. We should top out around 92 degrees and have average 5 mph winds. We will have a sunshade, sunscreen and water on hand- please dress …

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The Archer: april 6

Good morning archers! Looking like mid 70s, sunny with light winds for tomorrow.  Come on out and get some shooting in! -Jessa

The Archer: April 5, 2019

Good morning archers! Looking like mid 70s, sunny with light winds for tomorrow.  Come on out and get some shooting in! -Jessa

Archery 3/16

Good morning! Due to rain,  we are calling archery today.  Please come support archery next weekend at poppies fest!

The Archer: Saturday February 16

The Arrow: Good morning, the winds are higher than we can consider safe, please join us for archery next week on Saturday at the normal time!   Jessa

The Archer- January 26

Good morning archers! Looks like a sunny mid 50s to low 60s this weekend for archery.  Low breezy winds, maybe some 10mph gusts.   Last weekend we had 70 archers in attendance!  See you there!   -jessa  for more info