Fencing tonight (August 1st)! 6:30pm at Military Gamer Supply

Don Julien will be covering counter-disengages (contracavazione) starting from the inside engagement.

In this figure another way of parrying and wounding by way of counterdisengage is represented and shown to you, which one does in this way: having covered the sword of your enemy so that if he wants to wound you he must disengage, while he disengages I want you to also disengage so that your sword returns to its first position, covering that of the enemy. But in the disengaging that you do, availing yourself of the tempo, throw a stoccata at him where he is uncovered, turning your body a little towards the right side and holding your arm stretched forward so that if he comes to wound you he will wound himself of his own accord. Having thrown the stoccata, return backwards outside of measure.”