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Their Excellencies Seek Gentles to Serve on Baronial Retinue

Good Populace of Mighty Citadel! Their Excellencies Tariq and Elieth are seeking good gentles that are willing and able to serve as members of the Baronial Household. Please contact them via coronet@southernpass.org if you are interested in serving on the Baronial Retinue. What will be expected of you as a member of the court you …

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Archery has been cancelled today due to inclement weather

Empowering Officers and the Populace to Post Website Articles

Good Evening fair members of the populace! One of the goals of the Officer of the Chronicler is to help record and spread the good word of the Barony most often times taking the form of the Newsletter.  I want to take that a step further and empower you all to share information that pertains …

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