Their Excellencies Seek Gentles to Serve on Baronial Retinue

Good Populace of Mighty Citadel!

Their Excellencies Tariq and Elieth are seeking good gentles that are willing and able to serve as members of the Baronial Household. Please contact them via if you are interested in serving on the Baronial Retinue.

What will be expected of you as a member of the court you ask? At the most basic level, the task of the retinue is to help the Baron and Baroness do their job as smoothly as possible. This applies mostly during events, but also at other times when help may occasionally be required. The secondary role of the retinue is that, simply by looking good and being attentive, they add to the glamour of the B&B and of the occasion.  Retinue will attend to Their Excellencies, providing assistance and companionship during events.  They will sometimes also be asked to stand court and attend to other tasks that may be needed.

They look forward to speaking to you who wish to heed the call to serve the Barony in this unique way.