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Courtesy, Etiquette and Gentle Behavior: A Handy Guide from modaruniveristy.org

Taken from Baron Modar Neznanich, Master of the Order of the Pelican, Volk Herald Extraordinaire e-mail: modar@everestkc.net.  Original document as well as more great information can be found at http://www.modaruniversity.org/ One of the aspects of noble behavior that we try to encourage within the SCA is that of courtesy. For the most part, common sense and a polite …

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Arts & Sciences Night: Creating Documentation (Friday, August 27, 2018)

Join us on Friday night as The Honorable Lord Edmund Peregrine (Victor Singleton) explains the ins and outs of documentation for your Arts & Sciences projects for all levels, from basic descriptions all the way to Kingdom level competition ready. There will also be a space to discuss your current or upcoming projects in order …

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Empowering Officers and the Populace to Post Website Articles

Good Evening fair members of the populace! One of the goals of the Officer of the Chronicler is to help record and spread the good word of the Barony most often times taking the form of the Newsletter.  I want to take that a step further and empower you all to share information that pertains …

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