The Archer: June 5, 2018

ARROW: Good morning archers!  There will be no archery this weekend at the museum, BUT we will be at Soldier Con on Fort Bliss!  Please come out and support your Barony!  We will be in front of the Grand Theater, under a blue sunshade.  We will have the hospitality tent for volunteers and fighting all day.  We are looking for demos of different activities we do- drumming, calligraphy, spinning and weaving, leather work, you name it, we want to see it 🙂

Please remember, we will be set up outside and it is HOT out there during the day.  The sun and heat are mean in the desert.  Please protect your skin and eyes and HYDRATE.  Stay safe and stay healthy!

This is a FREE event with ease of access, so make sure all adults in the car have a valid ID or drivers license, no military or DOD ID needed.  Also, no need to stop at the pass office.  If you need help finding the location or gates to get in, etc, please feel free to reach out- if one of us doesn’t know the answers, we can point you in the right direction.


-Domina Julia Alexandria

MKA Jessa Honaker