Demo Demo — Let’s Talk About Doing Demos – 2 June 18 @ 6 PM

We’re hosting a discussion about Demos at Signore Bernardo’s estate on Saturday, June 2nd at 6 PM. Why? Well, because we’re working on getting better at bringing more future friends into the Barony centering around building personal relationships with potential recruits.

We’ll be discussing a few To Do’s and Not To Do’s so everyone can get comfortable with the new format we’re going to roll out for Soldier Con coming up on Fort Bliss on the 9th and 10th of June. This will be a huge opportunity for us to see what we’ve got and if we can put our new plan into effect. New Baronial Business Cards, brand new Newcomers Portal and an integrated mailing system to leverage our Virtual Interest Cards have created a whole new way to help draw people into our Dream. What all of this new technology won’t replace though is all of you and that is why we’re hosting this specific event.

WHO: Everyone in the Barony
WHAT: Discussion on Demos and our potential Coronation Bid (Plus a Potluck, so bring something to share!)
WHERE: 10512 Saigon Drive, El Paso, TX
WHEN: June 2nd @ 6 PM until we’re done!
WHY: To prepare our go getters to go get us some new recruits and spread the word about the Barony.

HOW: You’ll show up and bring something to pass. We’ll sit down and discuss what works and doesn’t work. Sgnre Bernardo will also walk us through how to use the new recruiting process. We will also cover how the Fighters are using this new system to get people excited about sticking with it. You’ll learn about our Silver Key program and what it means to be a volunteer mentor for Newcomers.

For your personal use, we’ve also created a Facebook Event here:

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask anyone in our Facebook Group. You’re also always welcome to reach out to us via our Contact Us page with questions.