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The Archer August 9, 2018

ARROW: Looking a little iffy for archery this weekend with chances of rain hovering around 50-60%  The good news is that the heat is bound to be a little lower and having some cloud cover is wonderful, but the bad news is that humidity will be high.  Win some, lose some right? We have Hastilude …

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The Archer: July 12, 2018

ARROW: Looking forward to some shooting this weekend, July 14!  Weather is looking favorable mid 70s to mid 80s, light breeze, and low low chances of rain.  I know we welcome rain in the desert, but not while we are trying to enjoy some range time!  It is monsoon season, so please be aware of …

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The Archer: June 26, 2018

ARROW:  Clan Wars was this past weekend, June 22-23, in the mountains of Ruidoso.  Aside from all the fighting and A&S activities, the archery range hosted a roving shoot with 8 stations including a long distance shoot, open target archery, and the famous night shoot.  22 archers came through the range, including a few new …

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