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The Archer: Month of May

ARROW: The month of May saw 163 archers at weekly practices, hot weather and winds in the Citadel.  We have a strong archery officer corp, with myself, Jim Volker, Scott Honaker, Michael Duckworth, Ashley Rench, Raul Escalante, and Aimee Fivet Mack working hard to improve the archery program.  We have new targets that are lighter and easier …

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The Archer: June 5, 2018

ARROW: Good morning archers!  There will be no archery this weekend at the museum, BUT we will be at Soldier Con on Fort Bliss!  Please come out and support your Barony!  We will be in front of the Grand Theater, under a blue sunshade.  We will have the hospitality tent for volunteers and fighting all …

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