The Archer: Month of June

ARROW:  The month of June saw some weather issues and a fun weekend full of Archery events.  Rains got to us in early June and high winds took away our last Saturday this month.  However, despite all the local weather problems, the weather at Clan Wars was incredible.  Roving rounds through the woods, a traditional static range set up, and the always fun night shoot was available to the archers.  Even though we couldn’t hold practice on June 30, we did have 9 SCA members and 1 adult present at the range for a social hour and very informal meeting.

Nock on wood will be happening this month in Al-Barran, so go check out their event and webpage for details.  It is to be the first full weekend Nock on Wood, and is bound to be incredible!

August will see us up in the beautiful mountains of Cloudcroft for Hastilude.  We will have fun shoots, royal rounds, York, thrown weapons, a roving round and a night shoot at that event.

Here’s to hoping for MUCH better weather this month!