The Archer: July 20, 2018

ARROW:  Weather should hold for archery this weekend, Saturday July 21 at 10am-1pm, for those who are not at Nock on Wood.  It will be HOT, with little breeze and little cloud cover.  PLEASE prepare for this- cowls, sunscreen, water, and a snack.  The pavilion will be our only refuge from the sun and heat unless you trek inside.  Mid 80s to start and ending at right about 100 by the time we break down and leave, 5mph winds or less, and 10% or less cloud cover.


A big thank you to our Captain Emeritus, Jim Volker, for putting together the last of the 3 new targets last weekend!  We are now all set on those and will be replacing the further targets soon.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sat at 10am!