Chatelaine Monthly Officer Report for Feb 2020

Number of Newcomer Contacts

# New to the SCA

# Returning to the SCA
# Transfers From Another Kingdom/Group

Where Did You Meet Any Newcomers?
We hosted a 12th night event where we met two newcomers. They participated in our bardic activities at the event. One of the new people then was able to come to Choir practice.

What, if any, Newcomer Education did you conduct?
We answered a few emails from curious newcomers giving them information about the group and inviting them to various activities.

What Recruiting and Retention Activities did you conduct?
Posters were created to inform people of our participation in the Big Red Comic con featuring the Heavy Fighters and the Choir.

In What Areas Would You Like Assistance and/or Help?
I am just starting out in this position and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Future Plans and/or Comments
We are planning a few demo and performances.
Big Red Comic con at Bel Air High School on March 7th
Poppies Fest March 21
Big Dawgs FanCon at Chapin High on April 3rd