Arts and Sciences Monthly Officer Report for Feb 2020

Local A&S Events
As a Barony, we dived back into the grind of better ourselves, in order to make ourselves stand out amongst our peers and present a better over all medieval/ renaissance representation in the society. HE and I along with the knight marshal have started working on Breast Plates based off an existing pattern, courtesy of HE al Hasan Tariq. I led a workshop to make new baronial walls, simple blue brick with yellow crenelation, and a blank shield in the middle for individual members to paint their personal heraldry on. I plan on making a few more with all the baronial awards. At 12th night, we had several several new awardees of the Flos Australlis, Master Walthari, Master Walthari’s Son Iokepa Waltharison, Lady Ellie, and Lord Albrecht

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
Umamah Bint Zayd Al-Andalusiyyah reports on making a hand out and rubric on card weaving pattern conventions

Raivan Brown reports making masks for 12th night, and new family outfits for estrella, woot woot!!!

Kait Porter Reported Shane Porter who in fact made a new set of Black and red wams for his landsknecht outfit.

Joella Made the St Stephens Scroll for Constance

THL Edmund reported to doing tablet weaving, and worked on the memorial project for Nahrun with Ellieth

Ellie worked on the memorial for nahrun.

Xeran Metaro made a shield, and some perfume

Shane Porter, after several comments sheepishly commented that he made wams, after he was called out, muah hahahahahaha

Jessa, reported to weaving (with the knight marshal) scroll work, event preparation, cooking, garb making, and attending the baronial wall workshop

and Myself, i made historically accurate hard tack, Constance even tracked down weevils, which we put in the hard tack. Not big ones mind you, cause you always want to pick the…… lesser of two weevils…. MUAH HAHAHAHA