June Officers’ Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:13pm on June 20, 2019

In attendance were: Carlos, Mayala, Jim, Hazel, Brandon, Eli, Amanda, Shane, Kait, Kath, Nate, Scott, Jessa, Claudia, Victor, Monica, Jack

Populace remarks

Carlos encourages everyone to discus meal plans, tents, and carpooling to Battlemoor. Eli advises that very few have given tent measurements to Tariq, the deadline is July 1, so please send them to Tariq in message or email ASAP. Monica’s brother is in the hospital needing a kidney transplant. If you are moved to see if you are a match, he is at Las Palmas. John Dolan is still in the hospital as well.

Opening remarks from the Baron

The 30/60/90 day plan is moving along. The auto-magical officer reporting system is up and running and has been blessed at the Kingdom level. Please give this system a good run as it is a pilot program of sorts for the Kingdom. We know we are heavy on admin changes and focus right now, but it is all to make the fun stuff easier. Please bear with us as we roll out all these new things. Once everything is implemented, there will be more time for fun!

Officer onboarding process is being perfected and rolled out as well. This includes passwords and training on emails, Google driver, reporting, and all the admin stuff that goes with being an officer in the SCA.

Reports are now automated! Please get these in before the 10th each month. The reports will send out to everyone they need to go to and will be available for the populace and officers to view on the website in one place. This will make the officers’ meeting go smoother as everyone will have read the reports before arriving to the meeting. If anyone needs help with any of this process, please reach out. Individual learning and a group meeting can be scheduled!

Officer Reports-

  • Youth- not in attendance, no report received
  • Heavy- 8, no injuries
  • Rapier- 2 new youth fighters, 5 average adults
  • Archery- 83 attendance
  • A&S- The A&S minster change over has occurred. New minister is Nate Mankel, he has hit the ground running with classes and plans. The Citadel is active with A&S projects and groups meeting.
  • Herald- new process implemented, awards emails, spreadsheet for in-house tracking in the works
  • Exchequer- paperwork up to date and organized, quarterly report, financial policy first draft, inventory, trailer/storage ideas, previous baron/baroness inventory submitted
  • Chatalaine- gold and silver keys needed
  • webminister, chronicler-  lost 1 subscriber, any issues with online, please contact

New business

We are using the SCA Branch Organization Model posted in the Facebook discussion group as a visual for how we can make sure all the needs are met. It is a hierarchy of needs in target form.

Fighter Practice to change to Saturday- we are NOT getting rid of Sunday practice, simply adding a more focused practice on Saturdays! Please come to whichever (or both) that fit your schedule! Sunday will be more laid back, with more group practice (War Practice) with the Baron. We are checking out Yucca Park for Wednesday night Rapier and Heavy practice, barring any lighting issues, we will be having Wednesdays nights together, populace is ALWAYS welcome to be in attendance as well. We are hoping this will instill togetherness with our marshalled activities..

Upcoming events:

  • Battlemoor July 9-14: Master Reese to be in attendance to work with Citadel on shield walls
  • Fall Coronation November 9: Bid put in by Dominus Caledonius and Domina Julia
  • St Edrik October 19:  Nate and Kath have voiced interest in helping plan with Oleg
  • Hastilude: co-op with Mons at Badlands in November: looking for volunteers
  • 12th night January 2020: Monica

Closing remarks: Communication is getting better, we are getting to the next level, the SCA is growing more corporate which in turn, makes local Baronies grow more corporate. Thank you for attending (and/or reading these minutes)!

close of business: 8:33pm


Domina Julia Alexandria

Deputy Seneschal