Battlemoor Prep Workshop Weekend

Greetings Citizens of Citadel. I Albrecht am sending out the call for assistance for the Barony! Having talked to His Excellency Bernardo, we have decided to host between our two Fortified Keeps, 2 evenings of Preparation work. Friday, July 5th will be at HE’s Manor, and Saturday the 6th of July will be at mine. Time is still TBD.

There are several reason for this weekend of crafting, the first is that there will not be a A&S night on Monday the 8th since I will be prepping to leave. Also there will be no Choir practice that evening as Tariq and Ellie will not be here. 2nd is that we wish to continue working on tabards that may not have been finished on the last A&S night (28June) as well as assist anyone else who wishes to make one that was not able to come the previous tabard making session. 3rd is that HE and I have discussed making baronial Camp walls. Please see the picture Below.

We wish to continue to make walls so that we may eventually encompass our entire camp. I have calculated the individual cost, and broke it down as to where you might be able to purchase the items necessary to make your own or make one for the barony. When i say make your own wall, instead of putting the citadel chalice in the center, you can in fact place you own device instead.

Textile Medium is used in conjunction with acrylic paint to make it easier to paint onto fabrics such as canvas, this can be purchased at Micheals or hobby lobby

And lastly, we all know how hectic life can be before an event like Battlemoor, so if you need an excuse, well here is one! two nights of hanging out, crafting with good company, im quite positive that the amount of expertise in every aspect of campaigning in the SCA will be present to assist you in finishing up a last minute project, repairing some clothes, or finally finding some one with a leather punch since no one ever seems to have them at fight practice.