Baronial Letter for October 2023

Hail Citadel! The month of October was an amazing success for the Barony, Crown Tournament was a resounding success by all who attended. Team Citadel came together and showed that we are in fact Libra Por Libra (pound for pound) able to run large events and work as a team! All hail Dread Lord Fjolverker and Dread Lady Melissa!

We will not be able to thank everyone who helped, and there was a huge list of friends that came together to make the event today magical and joyful for everyone. HE Joella for pushing to make this event happen, Lord Thorbjorn for being an amazing event steward and project manager, m’lord Arcadio and Lady Alondra for the help managing the food, Lord Iokepa for the absolute works of art for site tokens, Lady Hrefna and Santiago (and his father Raul) working gate, HE Benardo for filling in gaps as needed, Dame Eleanor and her family being tons of hands to help, Lord Grimric and family helping all over the place, m’Lady Mayala with setup and food, m’Lord Trey being an absolute monster of a man helping with set up and tear down, Isabel and Joaquin with their huge help with set up and tear down, the amazing decoration work of Lady Helena and Lord Fredrick being a great attendant. HE Warmin of Belshire’s kind donation of time and efforts to provide breakfast tacos and sandwiches for lunch I am told hit the spot. He has been feeding and taking care of the Citadel for a very long time and we are blessed to have him with us.

Another thank you we want to spell out was all the help of the youth of our Barony. Not just the Children Grim, but Dame Eleanor’s son, Lord Thorbjorn and Lady Hrefna’s two sons, Lord Iokepa’s nephew, my children, and Lord Fredrick’s and m’Lady Tally’s children. I know I am missing others, and they are also awesome helpers. All of our youth have been helping at events and practices. Helping distribute water and food, helping setting up or tearing down, serving as retinue, or helping with younger kids. It is a great feeling to see those of any age, but especially young ones, step up and serve others in all the ways that they do.

We are truly blessed.

The following Baronial awards were given out at Crown Tournament:

The Order of Thermopylae; given for skill at arms and chivalry, to Lord Thorbjorn Trollsbani Dansson

Lux Australis of the Citadel; given for chivalry, arts or service in those 16 and under, to m’Lord Dane Grimson, m’Lady Rayden Grimdottir, and m’Lady Rhiley Grimdottir.

Tui humiles servi,

Carlos and Joella, Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass.

Their Excellencies Carlos and Joella at Crown Tournament, photo by m’Lord Symont Merrick of Dorchester

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