Baronial Letter for March 2023

Glorious Citadel, please know that we are unable to put into the appropriate words our gratitude and the joy felt by all in attendance at Investiture.  So many of our guests came up to praise our populace and some special guests for their hard work in creating an event that was so very memorable.  We would like to recognize those gentles for all the hard work they put in both before, during, and after the event.  If we erred with adding you here, please speak to us so that we may thank you again in person. We meant no slight.

In no certain order, thank you to the following good gentles: Duchess Morgana, Chu Cao (WHAT A SCROLL) , Lady Asdis, Lord Achius, Sir Rutnor, Sir Berold, Sir Conrad, Sir Roger, Mistress Constance, Master Walthari, Lord Iokepa, Lady Hrefna, Lord Thorbjon, Lord Fredrik, Countess Claudia, Mistress Catriona, HE Warmin, Master Tariq, Mistress Elieth, Dona Muirenn, Don Giovanni, Lord Mingus, m’Lord Symont, m’Lord Trey, HE Bronwen, Dona Eleonora, Mistress Adelaisa, THL Jose, THL Frosti, Lord Jacobus, Lord Seamus O’Glacain, m’lady Malaya, Lady Gianina, m’Lady Cath and m’Lord Arcadio (we were blessed to be present at your proposal), Lord Rauol, THL Edmund, Lady Monique, Lady Helena, Sayyid al-Faris, and Lady Beatrix (our new Blue Tower Bard!). Also congratulations to our newest armigerous members of the Populace Hrefna and Thorbjon!

All of these good gentles helped make this event special for everyone, and we are eternally grateful for your service and support to the Barony.

Carlos, Barón Joella, Baroness

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