Baronial Letter for March 2020

Citadel! My heart is full thanks to all of your great works and presence this past month. Estrella War was a wonderful time and we fielded six heavy fighters alongside our allies in Nahrun and White Mountain bringing a strong presence to the war effort. Every task we were given was met with fierce effort and energy that brought glory to Citadel. The populace of Citadel was well represented with our volunteers, performers in the Known World Choir, and competitors in various categories. It was a very enjoyable event. Our camp was full of laughter and enjoyment. I highly encourage everyone to make every effort to attend next year.

Coming up we have several local events, including May Day, being put on by Lady Rita. Details will be available soon so you can start preparing your participation in the numerous activities, tournaments, and competitions.

We are looking for event stewards to step up for St Edrik’s in 2020, and Twelfth Night in 2021.

Demo season is also upon us as we just completed the Big Red Comic Con at Del Rio High School. Thank you to all who showed up, including the choir who performed together with the high school’s choir. It was a wonderful performance. There will be plenty of opportunities to step up and help us recruit including El Paso Comic Con and Chapin High School’s Comic Con. Keep an eye on the Baronial Calendar for demo opportunities and other events.

Next up on the list of things to address includes tracking Baronial progress of devices and names. We’ll be working to integrate the Google Sheet we have into the website so you can see exactly where your device or name is with our local heralds and a link to the Kingdom page for tracking things beyond our reach.

Thank you all for what you do. You help make the Barony better every day!

Yours in Service,
HE Bernardo dei Medici