Baronial Letter for February 2020


January was a great month with 12th Night going very well and a series of War Practices all meant for preparing for Estrella War and other wars ahead. We have made great progress in several areas around the Barony to include greater exposure in the local community. As part of that we have had several requests for demos across the area. Coupling that with our new Deputy Chatelaine stepping up means we are ready to hit 2020 running and see growth in the Barony.

The big event on everyone’s mind is Estrella War taking place in Queen Creek, AZ starting on the 18th of February. Visit for more information. After Estrella, we have the Outlands Spring Crown Tournament and Gulf Wars in mid-March.

There are several demos coming up, so stay tuned on our Baronial Calendar for opportunities to show off the SCA and include others in what we do. As a reminder, we are always looking for more chances to demonstrate all the aspects of the SCA, so please contact the Seneschal, Baron, or Chatelaine with ideas or actual requests for demos.

2019 was all about getting our administrative policies and systems in place including a revamp of the way we handle Heraldry submissions, event requests, and overall communication. In 2020 we have been focusing on marketing the group and increasing awareness with a goal of recruiting new members. So far we are making great progress and the demo requests have been pouring in at a pretty good rate. More information about our Friday Night Fights events will be coming out soon with that effort being a focus of ours following Estrella War.

As always, if you need anything in the Barony please reach out to any officers, contact the Facebook Page or use the Contact Us form on the website.

Yours in Service,

HE Bernardo dei Medici