A&S Class: Tablet Weaving

Citadel’s Arts and Sciences (A&S) Classes Series

Monday May 13th, May 31st and to be aunnounced June 10th, 2019 will be a class taught by THL Edmund will be teaching table weaving. This class will be held at Lady Rita’s house, 3309 Nairn St, El Paso TX 79925-4125, from 7pm to 9pm. There is a “Tabletweavingclass.pdf” found on our files section of the Citadel group please download and print to better help each other prepare for the class.

The schedule is as follows with the following materials needed as well

May 13th Section 1: Equipment and Setup

  • Thread yarn in 2 contrasting colors
  • 2 medium binder clips of large safety pins
  • String
  • 2 wooden pencils or dowels
  • Belt rope to tie around waist
  • Sheet of heavy card stock or poster board
  • Piece of mat board
  • Ruler

Section 2: Wrapping the Loom

  • Thread or yarn in 2 contrasting colors
  • Chrochet hook or wire hook

Section 3: Weaving

  • Thread or yarn for the weft
  • Yarn needle or tapestry needle

May 31st Section 4: Threaded-in patterns

June 10th Section 5: Double Faced Weaving & Section 6: Deciphering Other’s Patterns

We hope everyone who is interested in the beautiful art can make it out and learn a new skill of our miedieval times, any further questions please feel free to contact our A&S officers.


  1. Alondra Kate Rojas Awesome! You rocked that article. Thank you! And thank you to Lady Rita for hosting and THL Edmund (Victor) for teaching.

  2. Come to the class tonight at 7:00 PM at 3309 Nairn, EP to learn about tablet weaving and also table weaving. (Maloof, Maloof!)????

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