The Road To Estrella War: Arts & Sciences

So we kicked off the Road to Estrella War in the Arts and Sciences this past Friday night at Baronial A&S. Thank you to those who attended and discussed ideas on what they would like to create for the competition.

We will be following up with more A&S nights that are specifically geared towards preparing for St. Edrik, then Queen’s Prize, then culminating with the A&S competition at Estrella War.

With this in mind we are looking for members of our populace that are interested in preparing at least one entry that will eventually go to War, no experience neccessary. We will be walking through the process, step by step, tailored to your own artistic interests. Post here or reach out to Her Excellency and I or Lady Rita if you are interested in participating.

Let’s do our part to sweep the War Point for Arts for the Outlands!