The Return of the Iron Banner Competition!

The Citadel Clothiers and Textiles Guild is bringing back the Iron Banner Competition, last run by Mistress Toragana Al’altun in 2005.  Join the competition and help the Barony replenish it’s inventory of Regalia.

Each participant will be given a packet that contains includes fabric, the rules, some useful info, and patterns you may use.

The prize is a $20.00 JoAnn’s gift certificate. The importance isn’t really competing, that’s just an incentive feature.  The importance is to learn something new, contribute something to the Barony, and have fun doing it.

Your completed banner (or, heaven forbid, unfinished packet) is due at the Feast of Saint Edrik on Saturday, October 20, 2018.  It should be ready to fly or hang, or (if you would like to donate the materials for the pole) flying for the event.  All banners will be displayed during the event.

You may get help from others. You may work in groups.  You may go to another artist to change or make other patterns of the Baronial Arms.  Just give your helpers credit, too, because it is polite.  You may make one big banner or several smaller banners.  It is completely up to you! That is the creative part.

Just remember, if it is for Regalia to be used by the Baronage of the Citadel, it must have the complete Arms.  If you want to make a banner to mark the area of the Citadel for encampments or a populace badge banner, then please do not include the laurel wreath in your design.

The deadline for sign-up is Friday, August 3, 2018 in order to give us a chance to create the appropriate number of packets for participants.  You can sign up by emailing Tariq at

Join us and have fun!


Iron Banner Competition Rules

  1. You may choose the size and shape of you completed banner. You may choose to make several small banners or one large banner (See the above links for ideas.), however, you must return, all of the fabric in the packet, whether you use it all or not.  Hopefully, most of it will be in your banners!
  2. You may choose to add interfacing, interlinings, or stitch and tear embroidery backing, etc. however, the banner must be backed by the fabric provided or your own additional backing. If you choose to add your own backing material, it must match the front material in color, quality, and be both durable and machine washable.
  3. You may choose to make your banner a double sided or one-sided pattern (i.e.: the design can be on the front and back or just on the front), however, again, the one sided pattern must have a backing of some sort for durability.
  4. You may add other components such as braid, trim, embroidery, etc., however, you may not use beads of any kind. You may not add purchased or handmade fringe of any kind.
  5. You must create a way for the banner to be hung from something. How it is to be hung is your choice.
  6. The main portion of the banner must be the Arms of the Citadel of the Southern Pass. You may choose to apply them in any way. Your packet contains enough fabric to applique them on, however, you may choose to paint them on, embroider them, etc. You may choose to not use the white fabric for the wall.  You may substitute other fabric, braid, trim, paint, embroidery, etc for the white fabric provided.  Just remember to return all fabric with your packet.
  7. You may use any method of your choice to create your banner. You may machine sew, paint, embroider, or hand sew your banner.  The more period the technique, the more points you earn.  However, creativity/beauty earns points, too, as well as, having a finished banner!  So, do whatever technique you want to use to finish in time with a fabulous banner.
  8. If you choose to paint your banner, be sure to use authentic looking fabric paints and colors (no “puffy” or “glitter” paint, no neon colors). Be sure to make your banner machine washable.
  9. You may choose to increase the size and use the patterns provided for the banner Arms, or, you may choose to create your own (see the above links or search for on-line images for ideas).
  10. Documentation is not required. You may choose to include documentation, if you would like, however, the main goal of this competition is to encourage the creation of Citadel Regalia, spread the arts, and have fun!