Seneschal Monthly Officer Report for Nov 2019

Group Synopsis
The barony is active and improvements are being made to all facets. A media day is in the works to begin the growth of the populace. The A&S minister reports choir practices and performances, Raul completed 3 silk banners, Tariq has been block printing and creating garb, Halima has been creating garb. Jessa has been creating scrolls, bread and backdrop construction. Nate has been assisting with this backdrop as well as helping with Tariq’s elevation with Corin. Tina has been making cheese and candy. Eddie has been cooking and researching for coronation. Sunday at the park has been active, with members of the populace attending as well as fighters, no injuries. The barony financials are healthy. The webminister reports the website is active.

Past Business
Siege of the city was attended by the populace

New Business
Coronation, 12th night and the media day/ st Stephens event upcoming

Upcoming Events
Coronation, 12th night, st Stephens, media day, al-barran midwinter

New post event portions, new forms created, new processes implemented