Seneschal Monthly Officer Report for Aug 2019

Group Synopsis
We are working on being consistent with the new reporting process. Wednesday night practice/gathering is a popular event with an average of 8 participants. The website is healthy with 36,764 hits and 7,814 visits.

Past Business
Battlemoor was attended by Citadel members, HE Tariq raised funds for the Royal travel fund with his pilgrimage.

New Business
Coronation bid approved and event planning is beginning to come together, will be putting out calls for volunteers for empty positions. New reimbursement and budget process to roll out at August meeting

Upcoming Events
Hastilude, St Edrik, 12 night, fall coronation, fighter collegium

A&S: HE Tariq block printing class at Battlemoor. Hagr won the Cordial competition. Skorl won the brew master. Ralph won the people’s choice. HE Tariq hosted a wooden bench class, 7 benches were made. Erik working on Saya for his katana and carious Japanese garb pieces and items. Carlos constructing his wooden bench and teaching historical fencing classes. Jai T working on scrolls and illumination. Andy has been fighting in various foreign lands on his travels. Victor has been participating in choir, stags choir, tablet weaving and calligraphy. HE Elieth has been making vambraces, choir, stags choir, scrolls, drumming, necklaces. Rita made 4 scrolls. Mark from white mountain taught a beginners drumming class. Kate made a pilgrim bag. Tina researched period foods and put together a hydro bellum class.