Citadel is currently looking for a new Baronial Youth Minister

Citadel is currently looking to fill the office of Baronial Youth Minister.  The Youth Minister is responsible for organizing activities for children and youth at Baronial events and activities such as Baronial Days and Populace Gatherings.  Youth Activities should be considered as an integral part of event planning, so that a suitable location can be set aside.  Family Activities can be simple: a coloring station set up with crayons and paper, a set of blocks, and other basic toys for drop-in play.  Alternatively, they can be contests and tournaments, depending on the level of interest and help available.  If possible, keeping toys, games and activities reasonably authentic, or at least not shockingly modern, is best. The amusement and enjoyment of the children should be the main priority.  In addition, the Youth Minister would be responsible for the organization of Youth Arts & Sciences Night, which is held on the fourth Friday of every Month alongside the Barony’s normally scheduled A&S night.


Letters of Intent should be submitted to Madame Seneschal ( and Their Excellencies ( by no later than July 15, 2018.

The requirements for holding the office of Youth Minister are as follows:

  • Must be 18 or older and a carded member.
  • Must have background check completed and approved by SCA, Inc. (contact for details).
  • Must file monthly reports to the Baronial Senescha
  • Monthly reports by the Youth Minister should include:
    • the number of events at which children’s activities took place
    • the number of children who enjoyed them
    • Sharing ideas for activities is always helpful
  • Must abide by following:
    • *The “2-deep” rule specifies that for all SCA Youth Activities, a minimum of 2 adults (at or above the age of legal majority in the state, province or country in which the activity occurs) unrelated to one another by blood, marriage or relationship must be present. One of which must have passed a background check.
    • This policy does not relieve parents of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children.*
    • *Additionally, youth under the age of 12 must be within sight and sound of their parent.
    • Youth Ministers are not baby sitters and should not be regarded as such.
    • *(from the Society Kingdom Seneschal Handbook, pages 22 and 23-approved April 2013)