Calling For Event Stewards

Coming up this year and into the next we are looking for members of the populace to volunteer to be Event Stewards. The following events are up for bids:

– St. Edrik’s*
– Hastilude* (also looking to include Southern War Collegium)
– Fall Coronation
– 12th Night (Early January 2020)

Once we secure bids for those events, we will open up the calendar even further.

What is Required for Initial Event Bids

The initial bids require an event site proposal, rough budget, initial list of event team staff, and a proposed list of activities. Please also include what you see as your qualifications to act as Event Steward(s). Feel free to include as many people in your initial proposal who have agreed to work with you to host the event.

*events already have event sites tied to them, so you may skip that part in your proposal or offer alternative sites if you feel that you have the perfect one in mind.

Event Bid Submission Process

Please send proposals to and by 1 June 2019. You may submit multiple proposals, one for each event; we encourage you to rank order most desired to least when submitting proposals. Event Stewards who are chosen will be notified by the Seneschal or the Baron for each event and will be given the appropriate paperwork to fill out and have signed.

New Event Proposals

For any new events, please use the same process including a proposed set of dates. Please note that we are not looking to add anything at this time. However, we are always open to recommendations and will consider your proposal seriously as it deserves our attention.