Baronial Arts and Sciences Report for July

 Local A&S Events

  • A&S class: 07/27/18 Documentation,
  • Calyx Harmoniae: 07/02/18, 07/16/18, 07/23/18, 07/30/18
  • Arcis Calamus: 07/12/18,
  • Brewer’s Guild meeting: 07/27/18
  • Clothier’s Guild meeting: 07/26/18
  • Amor/Wood Guild meeting: 07/17/18, 07/31/18



Individual Achievements reported to the A&S Minister:

His Excellency Tariq Made Their Royal Majesties, Bela and Anna, block printed grand court garb,

Her Excellency Elieth Did two scrolls, worked on wood burning projects for scribes in 3 Northern Baronies, worked on wood burning projects to give as gifts, worked on organizing the Stag Choir presentation during Battlemoor, had practices of the Stag Choir and Calyx Harmoniae.

THL Umamah Bint Zayd Al-Andalusiyyah: Learned several new to me tips and tricks at a fiber convention

Lady Penny Khamsa Drew a new Arabic piece for our Baron’s new cuirass, did more sewing on her geteld tent, dyed one of her garb gowns, and drew a banner design that will be used for Hastilude. She also made progress on another Arabic stamp design and on her camp kitchen design.

Domina Julia Alexandria Scrolls

Lady Mariah of Kilarny Working on garb, and incorporation designs

m’lord Vito Adapted his Roman bench, building 2 signs for next event and a fold out bed.

Lord Ralf Blackwood of Ravenstone Beer

THL Edmund Perigrine Music, scribal arts

Lady Sorcha working on dresses, overdress, sewed a banner

Lady Rita Scrolls

Respectfully submitted by Lady Rita Perle Von Der Wetterau