What is Largesse?

Throughout history, the generosity of the Landed Nobility has been termed “largesse”.  In the SCA, the giving of largesse by the Crown and Coronets allows for them to show that their wealth and happiness is a direct result of the wealth and happiness of the populace.  Not only is gift-giving expected of Royalty, it is a tangible symbol of their courtesy and appreciation.  It is one way to give something back to the populace and say thank you to those who have freely and willingly given their time and energy to Kingdom or Barony.

The populace of a Kingdom, Shire or Barony – the craftspeople, artisans, merchants – any and all interested, donate items that are then given away as gifts to visiting Nobility, Event Autocrats or members of the populace that have given of themselves for the good of the group .  These generously donated items benefit in two ways: the Landed Nobility have a wide and diverse variety of items to choose from to give away as largesse, helping to alleviate the financial burden that they already carry as Royalty; and the artisans have the opportunity to have exposure for their work, not only to be recognized by the Nobility and populace of their home group, but also throughout the entire Kingdom.

The best largesse items are ideally handmade or period in nature, ie: lengths of fabric, buttons; purchased ceramic and wooden plates and drinking mugs, etc. can be acceptable.  Items should be as period as possible, or at least have a medieval aire.  Items can be donated as a set and in pairs, in addition to individual items. These items are bestowed by the Landed Nobility as they see fit: gifted to other Landed Nobility, Event Autocrats, as prizes for event winners/sponsored prizes, or to other such deserving gentles.

We call upon all who would be interested in donating items to the Baronial Largesse stock.  If you would like to contribute something for Their Majesties or Their Excellencies to use as largesse, you can contact the Baronial Arts & Sciences Minister, Lady Rita, or their Excellencies themselves for guidance.  There is no limit to the number of items you can contribute. One item or many items are all equally appreciated.  All largesse received from members in the Barony need to have a label before they are given out as largesse in order for the artisan or donor to be recognized for their talent and generosity.  If the person does not wish to have their name on it, you can use “Populace of the Citadel of the Southern Pass” as the name.

Yours in Service,

Tariq & Elieth