Volunteers Needed For Citadel’s Hastilude Event

Citadel Hastilude is coming August 24-26, 2018!  A Hastilude is a term used in the Middle Ages to refer to many kinds of martial games. The word comes from the Latin hastiludium, literally “lance game”‘.

This year’s event will be based on the Book of Tournament by King Renee of Anjou and will feature a contest of champions!  More details about the event will be forthcoming.

The Autocrats, Lady Meleri Gyfford and m’lord Johnan von Horne are looking for volunteers to help in the planning and execution of the many facets of the event.  If you are interested in learning more we will be discussing the event this Thursday at the Baronial Officer’s meeting or you can contact either autocrat directly via Facebook (Heather Jackson or Jack L. Horn III).