Tuesday Fighter Practice Moved to Veterans Park — What You Need to Know!

The Barony is moving the Tuesday Night Fighter’s Practice to Veterans Park, which can be found by adding the following address to your favorite directions app or checking out the Google Maps entry below. Also, please take note at how we’re scheduling the Fighter Practices because every other week is typically an Armoring Guild or Woodworking Guild night. We’ve also included an entry from the Google Calendar to help you keep up to date.

Veterans Park: 5301 Salem Dr, El Paso, TX 79924

[flexiblemap address=”5301 Salem Dr, El Paso, TX 79924″ title=”Tuesday Fighter Practice” link=”https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=NXFia3U3OHFhanNkNzQwM2cwYW5oZmVocWNfMjAxODA1MzBUMDEwMDAwWiAzZGN2MTNsYTBqZmFlc2ltaTVrb3VlNXRsOEBn&tmsrc=3dcv13la0jfaesimi5koue5tl8%40group.calendar.google.com&scp=ALL”]

 You can also click on this button to add the event to your own calendar:

In order to stay informed on our overall schedule, you can check out our Baronial Calendar below and see where the Fighter Practices stack up against other events.


Still have questions? Perfect, because we’ve assembled some answers that we thought you should know about why the move is happening. We’re always working to do the right thing and this one happened out of our standard process for various reasons that will keep everyone safe and away from any degree of liability.

Why Are We Moving Practice?

One of our members, Lady Sabine, had graciously opened her home to the Fighters of the Barony to come practice. In order to better serve everyone we felt it was a better idea to move it to a more public place where the liability of the SCA would provide coverage and we would benefit from more visibility. By listing an event on our calendar, that makes it an official event for the Barony and due to the nature of heavy combat, it is better to it in a public space. Arts and Science events create less exposure and therefore are less of a liability. Of course there are A&S events that can create environments that require a heightened sense of safety and the expectation is that individuals will adhere to the proper safety protocols. The same goes for Heavy Combat, but the nature of the practices create a need for public space.

The lesson to take away from this is that official practices are those that are listed on our Baronial Calendar. Those unofficial practices that are held in backyards or by Households are not listed, but are held at your own risk and do not carry coverage by the SCA’s policies. Please note the difference for your future reference.

How Did We Decide to Move It?

After speaking with the fighters who were attending the practice and conducting an informal polling it was decided to shift the practice to Veteran’s Park based on the Knight Marshal’s call and in consultation with Their Excellencies. Due to the concerns regarding liability and the unofficial setting of the practice despite it being listed on the calendar, the process was hurried along to find an alternative.

Their Excellencies would like to make it known that the standard method is still the transparent process of proposing the move at a Populace Event to ensure Fighters have a chance to provide input before the decision is made. The effort should be made to ensure all fighters, whether they are attending actively or not, have input because they may not be able to attend due to certain circumstances brought on by the current location and time.

So What Happens Next?

The decision will be made open for comment by the Fighters of the Barony. Those who feel they have not had adequate input to the decision to move Fighter Practice to Veterans Park should seek out the Knight Marshal or Their Excellencies and make their voices heard. If it is determined that the desire is there to move the practice to another time and place, then the formal process will begin to shift the event. If the feedback confirms the time and location then the practice will continue in the current arrangement.

Contributions to this article were made by Lord Charles the Bear and Their Excellencies of Citadel