The Barony is Seeking a Rapier Marshal

As Don Julien prepares for his overseas rotation, he has announced his stepping down as Baronial Rapier Marshal.  We thank him for his good service and we wish him safe travels and a safe return home once he has completed his obligations abroad.

The Citadel seeks a Baronial Rapier Marshal to take the reigns from Don Julien once he departs. 

The Baronial Rapier Marshal serves as the primary representative of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal, overseeing all unarmoured combat (Rapier and Cut & Thrust) activities within the group and ensuring that all relevant safety procedures are followed.

Marshals serve as safety officers, conducting inspections of equipment and controlling the field of combat to ensure participants and spectators are safe. They are not referees or judges.

The Rapier Marshal submits a monthly report to his or her Kingdom counterpart, copying the Baronial Seneschal, Baronial Knight Marshal, and Their Excellencies.

Interested persons must submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies (, Baronial Seneschal (, and Kingdom Rapier Marshal ( by October 4, 2018.