The Archer: August 23, 2018

ARROW:  Good morning archers!  Please remember, we will NOT be at the EPMArch this weekend, August 25.  We will be up in the cool, green mountains at Silver Lake Campground for HASTILUDE!  Come ready for some fun morning shoots, to include the Barony’s new “bobber target”,  some poker, and a couple other shoots.  In the afternoon, we will have royal rounds, the seasonal challenge, and a modified seasonal challenge that will determine the Hastilude Champion.  After court in the evening, after sunset, we will have a night shoot!  If you want your shoots in the afternoon recorded, please bring wood arrows.  If you will be shooting simply for pleasure, there is no restriction on arrow material.

The weather is MUCH cooler up there than here in El Paso, so please be prepared for a 20-30 degree temperature difference, as well as a chance of rain.