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Hastilude Preparation Night: Tilting Tournament Props & Other Projects

We will be working on props for the Tilting tournament as well as other projects for Citadel Hastilude on August 24-26.  Come on out and be ready to be crafty.  

Hastilude is in Two Weeks!

Rapier Fighters! Make sure that you are prepared for the Tavern Brawl Tournament! Allowed weapons are only items that would normally be found in a tavern (no swords but daggers and pistols are allowed). Be creative and make some weird weapons (barstools, bottles, food items – all rapier-safe of course). Be creative! Have fun! Be …

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The Archer August 9, 2018

ARROW: Looking a little iffy for archery this weekend with chances of rain hovering around 50-60%  The good news is that the heat is bound to be a little lower and having some cloud cover is wonderful, but the bad news is that humidity will be high.  Win some, lose some right? We have Hastilude …

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“Rapier Rogue” Bardic Competition at Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII

According to legend there was a swordsman who was notorious for biting his thumb at the Baronial Constabulary and picking fights contrary to the law against brawling. He became so infamous that songs were written about the “Rapier Rogue”. In memory of the exploits of this rogue, the Roving Rapier Tournament winner will have a …

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The Tournaments for Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII have been announced!

The Tournaments Armored Combat The Grand Tournament The Grand Tournament is the main tournament of the event.  This tournament will be fought as a weapon of choice in a best two out of three double elimination format.*  This tournament must be fought with all of the pomp and circumstance as possible and fighters will be …

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The Archer: August 2, 2018

ARROW: Good morning Archers!  We will be having archery at EPMArch Saturday, August 4, 2018, at the usual summer time of 10am-1pm.  Weather is looking pretty good, with most of the chances for rain in the wee early hours of the morning.  Should have some cloud cover early on, then the sun will be out.  …

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Weekly Rapier Practice at Military Gamer’s Supply

Rapier combat in the SCA is an attempt to recreate later styles of swordfighting from the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The style of swordplay is often based on surviving manuals and theories of combat from period.  Unlike the modern sport of fencing, SCA combat uses a wide variety of weapons and body protection and …

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Banners for Hastilude!

This year’s theme for Citadel Hastilude is King Renee de Anjou’s Book of the Tournament and as such, medieval pomp and circumstance are paramount for the event.  What better way to add to the flavor and ambiance of the event than to fly your heraldry high in the wind on a beautiful silk standard or …

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Citadel Baronial Day and Populace Gathering Happening Tomorrow at Album Park

Join us tomorrow starting at 11 am on the South side of Album Park for our monthly Populace Gathering during Citadel Baronial Day! Their Excellencies will hold a brief court followed by Populace meeting then socializing and fighter practice.  Join us for a chance to visit with you fellow CItadelians and discuss upcoming events, new …

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Citadel Hastilude has its Champions!

The Champions have been chosen! Duke Walrick de Blakeney and Sir Roland De Grey of Lincolnshire are seeking mighty warriors, agile swordsmen, keen-eyed archers and talented artisans to join their parties. Choose one of these great and valiant knights who seek to be Citadel’s Hastilude Champion! Make your plans to attend this most excellent event! …

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