Reopening Update

Greetings to the members of the Citadel of the Southern Pass and Nahrun Kabirun. As you know, the BOD has declared groups may open June 1. However, there are steps that must take place first and requirements that must be met once events begin to happen. Please understand that as a loyal subject to Their Royal Majesties, it is my responsibility to explain and enforce their policies. Please continue to read to understand the requirements.

First, a petition to reopen must be submitted which I have done. This form, as of this time, must be submitted every month. We are currently waiting for approval from TRM and the Kingdom Seneschal. The petition I submitted was for Sunday fighter practices ONLY. Within the petition, I must include mundane data on infection rates, vaccination rates, etc. Since we are so close to Nahrun, I had to include their data (Las Cruces) as well as they are welcome to join us at fighter practice.

For every type of practice and gathering, a separate form must be submitted. That would include mid-week fighter practices, A&S gatherings, etc. If you wish to host any of these types of events, please contact me so that I can complete the form and submit it. It will take no less than a week for approval so please plan ahead. I cannot attend weekday events so the host will be required to check in those pre-registered and submit that form to me within three days. If this does not happen, that event will be cancelled until further notice.

What our fighter practices will look like. Pre-registration is a MUST and it must be completed at least 24 hours in advance. If we reach our cap of 5o people (to include fighters, observers, and children), then no one else may attend. If the cap is reached and more people show up, they may NOT move to the other side of the park to practice or gather. If that happens, I am required to shut down fighter practice for this date. Their Royal Majesties have commanded that this be done in accordance with the reopening plan, and I will enforce it. Refusal to follow the directives will lead to repercussions that one might not wish. The Crown will step in with said punishment.

When those who pre-registered arrive at fighter practice, they must check in with me or HE before moving onto joining the practice. Everyone MUST wear a mask, not a neck gaiter, not a bandana, but a mask. This is non-negotiable. I understand that masks will get sweaty and soaked within the helmet so please bring a spare or two. Masks around the helmet are not allowed. Masks will be worn by those on the sidelines as well. This is a decision from the BOD and although Texas has made clear its stance on masks, we are a private group and can set our own rules. Social distancing is also mandated.

Please bring your own water. We are not allowed to have a common water jug nor provide snacks, etc.

I know and understand how much everyone wants to gather once again. As long as these rules are followed, we can begin to rebuild our Known World and gather as comrades in arms and friends.

Mistress Joella of Blue Lion’s Keep
Baronial seneschal

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