Recruiting for Citadel — Some Resources for You






reetings to one and all. People are the lifeblood of our organization. Without people, we cease to have any meaning or importance, so it stands to reason that more people means more fun, but how do we get more people? Recruiting! Everyone is a recruiter, whether you’re actively or passively recruiting. How do you passively recruit? By simply being you and sharing what you’re doing with your friends, family and co-workers. This can be done through Social Media whether it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope or a whole laundry list of other platforms that people use to share their lives with the world. We could talk about how to better use these platforms and in the future, we will, but for now, let us discuss some of the immediate resources available to you as a potential recruiter.

Business Cards

Our new business cards are focused around initiating a conversation not about us as an organization, but about the person to which you’re handing the card. The cards now call people to action, asking them to think about what they would want to be in the Society. Do they see themselves as a warrior in armor or perhaps a prolific artisan? Instead of blasting them with a list of activities that we provide, the strategy is to put the recruiting experience on them and make them the topic of conversation.

The back side of the card contains our contact information and has a QR code that when scanned will refer the individual to a link, which is This URL will allow us to record how many hits we get being referred from the cards to our Newcomers Portal. It will automatically redirect the user to the page with the Newcomers Portal on it. The front side of the card also has the URL to the Portal directly.

Newcomers Portal

The Newcomers Portal is a page that has a natural flow to it almost like a Checklist. When we are demoing or if someone approaches you in person or on Social Media, it is generally because they have seen something that interests them. The first part of the Portal will have an intro video embedded in it to give a quick visual overview and welcome them to our organization. It has a 1 next to it to help create the checklist feel to ensure that there is a flow from top to bottom of the page. The ideal situation would have you as the experienced SCA member walking them through how to get involved in our Dream.

Step 2 is our Virtual Interest Card. Instead of having to gather up and copy a handful of paper interest cards, we can now automate the process on both sides to capture a potential member’s information. The Virtual Interest Card is a Google Form that acts as a survey to gather only the information necessary to follow up with them via their preferred method of contact, either by phone or by email. On the backend of the Form is a Google Sheet that each officer will be able to generate a mailing list from without getting access to the master list that has more information than they need to make contact about events and programs. This system is set up to ensure that data is not shared outside of warranted officers and only partial information is made available even at that point.

Step 3 consists of showing them our Baronial Calendar. It will help keep the recruiter aware of upcoming events that may interest that individual. It also tells the interested party that they can come back to this page and check in on any changes or add it to their phone, email account or other calendar app to stay on top of events that may interest them.

Step 4 is a list of activities and guides on ‘what to do next’ that can explain how to obtain a name, heraldry, garb, fighter gear or get involved as an officer or volunteer when they are ready to do so.

In the future we may split Step 4 into a Step 5 to make a final section that contains the guides separate from descriptions of the activities or serve as an Introduction to Life in the SCA module.

Follow Up

Following up with a potential member is vital. In this modern age of marketing, social media and deluges of information coming at someone from every direction we need to be able to punch through the noise and be the thing that is on the top of their minds. It is also important not to overwhelm someone or to harass them into playing. If you are interested in serving as a Point of Contact or Mentor for newcomers, please let the Chatelaine know by emailing This address will forward your message on to whomever the standing Chatelaine is at the time.

Please take a moment to share the great things we do in the SCA and here in the Barony. Who knows, the next person who sees your post could be our future King or Queen, Peer or an even better friend while you both get to enjoy the Dream.