“Rapier Rogue” Bardic Competition at Citadel Hastilude A.S. LIII

According to legend there was a swordsman who was notorious for biting his thumb at the Baronial Constabulary and picking fights contrary to the law against brawling. He became so infamous that songs were written about the “Rapier Rogue”. In memory of the exploits of this rogue, the Roving Rapier Tournament winner will have a song written in their honor. In addition there will be a bardic competition for a poem or song about the “Rapier Rogue”. The contestants will perform during feast and will be judged by populace acclamation.  Entries can be prepared ahead of time, leaving room to add the name of the tournament winner once he or she has been announced.

If you wish to join in, sign up with THL Edmund Peregrine some time Saturday.