Outlands Volunteer Coordinator for Estrella War seeks a coordinator for Citadel

Greetings to teh faire and mighty populace of the Citadel of the Southern Pass!

As you know, shortly after winter ends we will go to WAR!  Saerlaith inghean Robeaird, Outlands Volunteer Coordinator for Estrella War, is seeking one amongst our populace who would be a good and willing assistant for our Barony to help gather and coordinate volunteers for Outlands Day at Estrella War (or other days).  This person does not necessarily have to attend Estrella War themselves.

Please note that for every person within our Barony who volunteers at Estrella War, our Barony will be paid a certain amount of money out of the gate receipts, per hour, So it is a boon for our Barony and a boon to the Estrella coordinators all at the same time!

Interested persons please contact his Excellency Tariq.