Seneschal Monthly Officer Report for Sep 2019

Group Synopsis
Citadel remains steady. Officer reporting is becoming more streamlined, all reports were received this month. Captain of archery change over is in process and the seneschal change over is official. Event planning is underway for coronation and 12th night.

Past Business
New captain of archery reports average of 198 attendees for archery and 15 average SCA attendees to archery each week. Knight marshal reports average of 3 heavies suited up each weekend, total of 28 for the month. No report for rapier.

A&S activities are well attended, the populace seems to like the new class concepts.

New Business
Media day is in the planning stages, we want to use it as a populace day and way to forge a relationship with the local media.

Upcoming Events
Siege of the city merging with St Edrik this year.
Coronation Nov 9.
12th night planning in progress

Local A&S Events
o Leather Belt Pouch pouch workshop; Location- Baronial Estates. #’s in attendance, 7

o Silk Banner painting workshop; Location- Baronial Estates. #’s in attendance… 14, actual projects worked on and completed, 10

Individual Achievements Reported to the A&S Minister
o Ty reports Beer, Beer, Beer, and a Kitchen camp box beer…. hmmmm no entirely sure what a kitchen camp box beer, its probably something along the lines of a michelob ultra or something 🙂

o Don Carlos has been working on a ciriculum of historial fencing lessons from the master nicoletta giaganti… might tap him for a waltzing class…. kinda like fencing….

oUmamah Bint Zayd Al-Andalusiyyah reports that she has been sharing secrets… er i mean teaching! thats it teaching cleasses at pensic; youth kumihimo disk, Beginning Kute uchi(Japanese Hand Looping), 13 loop flat 8 ridge Japanese armor lacing cords, European Finger looping- 7 loop Spanish, field tested this class Turkish Diagonal woven Button traditional style.

o Mark Jackson reports that he is teaching middle eastern drumming

o Ralph is working on putting a brew class together for the citizen of the citadel

o Tina Lommen help deliver a bunch of kids *baby goats* good information to share with some scottish border reavers for a few shillings….

o Ellie sings that the baronial choir calyx harmoniae has been practising, and that she attended pensic and sang with the known world choir as well as helped blue tariq’s face… i mean document his indigo project with friends from nahrun

o Tariq has been working on a hand dying indigo project and looking like a smurf aftwerwards 🙂 but lots of tiraz bands and fabric dyed indigo. also some resist block printing, and making the blocks outta wood, made a bardiche for heavy fighting, 2 more break down benches, and a wooden box to go with his electric chandleir that

o Jai T Perkins has been researching dragons (though i think she has been hunting them cause i cant find any in this geographic region

o Lord Edmund has been doing lots of tablet weaving as well as participating in Caylax Harmoniae