Chatelaine Monthly Officer Report for Sep 2019

Number of Newcomer Contacts

# New to the SCA

# Returning to the SCA
# Transfers From Another Kingdom/Group

Where Did You Meet Any Newcomers?
We were unable to collect the data of any potential newcomers as the day for gathering newcomers’ information and welcoming them to the Citadel of the Southern Pass was a day of great tragedy in our Barony. Since that time, no new names have come across my welcoming book.

What, if any, Newcomer Education did you conduct?
I did not conduct Newcomer Education for the month of August.

What Recruiting and Retention Activities did you conduct?
I maintained the contact list for the Baronial newsletter. I was unable to attend Family Day at the Museum on the 3rd of August, when great tragedy struck our fair city, cancelling the gathering.

In What Areas Would You Like Assistance and/or Help?
I would like assistance in finding venues for upcoming events. I have tried on my own but have found it to be much more difficult than expected.

Future Plans and/or Comments
Getting dates for Baronial events promoted more, as in dates for Populace Gatherings.